Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hennessy Artistry July 2009

Unfortunately, this has to be a short post, cuz my com broke down, and all my editing software are inside it. Need to repair com asap and upload some videos i took at Hennessy Artistry.

First of all, huge thanks to Yatz for inviting me to Hennessy Artistry. He the man! XD

Secondly, big thank you to Wen Pink for cooking dinner for me that night. Yummy maggi mee :) thanks to you, I didnt go to Artistry with an empty stomach.

Hennessy Artistry July 2009 was awesome! A much bigger place than the previous KL Artistry. Don't have to fight with ppl for space. Or maybe I was at the VIP area.. XD
Thanks to Yatz again for that :)))

The music was great, the drinks were good. Great night :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've Got a Feeling

Hennessy Artistry. What a night :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Operation Michelin Zhao [ part 1 ]

Yes. Zhao is now undergoing Operation Michelin Zhao.

An operation requiring high levels of concentration, discipline and stamina.
An operation requiring detailed planning.
An operation requiring Zhao to spend about an extra RM 5 a day T_T.

The goal: Making Zhao look like Michelin.

If you don't know who or what is Michelin, google the images of Michelin.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Fart King

Someone was climbing from 10am till 6pm yesterday. Had lunch at about 1pm. And since then, that someone farted non-stop. GG.

Seriously... that someone kept farting for hours O_O. Must be the otak-otak that person ate for lunch. And because there was so many people in the climbing gym, the only place that someone could fart was when he was up the wall.

So the main objective for the day was to climb up the wall, and fart. After farting, must shake the pants a bit to release the trapped fart. Then only yell down to the person below to lower you down. What a day for that someone O_O.


I attended Assunta's Literary Night 2009, and it was AWESOME. The plays were funny and the singings were fantastic XD. Cheers to Assunta :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Blog Without Pictures

Gah. Finding it hard to blog without pictures.

Respect those who can write and write and write until posts an error message saying 'You have reached the limit, please stop writing, it's boring, get a life.' Just kidding XD

Ok.. so lets start with these short stories/events/funny moments that happened not too long ago~~

Firstly, Sunway should really install those gigantic 7 Eleven airconds in their lifts. Gosh.. it can get really warm, especially when students would force their way into the lift as if they would suffer and rot if they took the stairs.

And if the lift says the max number of people it can take is 26 persons, dear Sunway Uni students would fit exactly 26 students into that lift.


Went to KFC and accidentally said to the lady cashier "Spicy breast ada tak?"


I don't understand why some drivers need 2 lanes to turn into the biggest junction. They are not driving fast, not driving a truck, or making a u-turn. Yet they must take up 2 lanes to turn left. Amazing noob.


Guys, ever tried taking your dslr with long zoom lens to the poolside with lots of people? Haha.

All I could imagine is that,
old ladies would act shy-shy while looking at you,
old men would cover their beer belly with a towel,
buff guys would somehow harden their muscles and run their fingers through their hair while doing the light-reflects-off-the-disco ball pose from Transformers,
bikini-clad ladies would slowly pull their shoulder backwards while crossing their legs,
little kids would be completely oblivious to your presence,
and maybe some pool officers might drag you away for invasion of privacy.


My facial hair seems to be growing at an alarming rate O_O.


Hmmmm.. I'm hungry. Frozen durian is extremely yummy. You should try it.


I noticed more and more ladies in Sunway Uni are wearing hot pants these days. Thanks hot weather of Malaysia.


Is this blog post ok? XD

Cheers :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

RM 100

The cinema queue was empty. As I walked along the lane, I noticed something on the floor. A piece of folded paper. With a number 50 looking back at me.

I picked it up, and felt that it was thick. Turned out to be 2 RM50 notes folded together. Looked around and saw no one looking at me. Hmmmm...

What do you think I did after that? XD