Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Driving extremely late at night.. or very early in the morning..

Coming back from nottingham..

Juz entered USJ area..

Got police road block..

Policeman1: Encik, tolong berhenti di tepi..
Me: *gg lo.. what happened??*
Policeman2: *taps on window* *re-adjust the submachine gun at his waist*
Me: *gg lo.. winds down window*
Policeman2: Encik, you punya roadtax tak clear.
Me: Saya tak tahu. Parents yang renew, bukan saya. Saya tak nampak roadtax
Policeman2: Sila tunjuk licence dan ic
Me: *Pass cards to policeman2*
Policeman2: Oh, tinggal di Usj 6. Tadi dari mana?
Me: Saya dari Semenyih. Nak balik.
Policeman2: Hmmm.. kerja apa sekarang?
Me: Saya student. Tak kerja.
Policeman2: You punya roadtax tak clear. Macam mana? Saya boleh saman.
Me: *gg loooooo.... T_T* Err, saya tak tahu la. Saya tak handle roadtax. Parents yany handle
Policeman2: Hmmm..Macam mana ini.. saya boleh saman..
Me: *haih..you want rasuah, juz say so laaa..* *no!!!, cannot give rasuah!!!* Saya tak tahu la encik. *looking scared*
Policeman2: Hmmmm..you student..tak apa la.. you boleh pergi.
Me: Thank you encik. *Thank you God*

WAhhh.... good thing didnt give rasuah.. and thank God so much that nothing else happened. But the policeman2 looks ok, very friendly.. Bless him for not pushing for bribes..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo.. took me approx 30 hours to read it.. wahhhh...so loooong..good book good book. thanks mei yii for the book =) now got 2 more left to read.

And i seriously have to clean up my room.. look at the mess....... haih... so much stuffs..

My pingpong standard dropped down terribly.. couldnt even spin properly anymore.. sadness. Must start training again di.. who wants to play with me??!!

God bless. =)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I watched Transformers 4 times di... haihz.. slept during boring parts and woke up to see the nice ones.. i think i watched it too many times di..

Saturday, July 07, 2007

I watched Transformers 3 times di.. hahahahahahhaha