Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY 2009

Because of sunday's crappy discovery, for days, I've been ripping out my hair, throwing tantrums, having sleepless nights, squeezing orange juice into my eyes to distract me from the depression..

Now I'm bald and my eyes are as red as red. Just kidding~

Actually, I didn't rip my head hair, but I plucked every single hair from my legs. Legs now ultra shiny and can see own reflection. Now I'm being lame. haha.

Chinese New Year 2009 was ok. Normal la..


Went back to Ipoh and Sungai Siput for the new year. Aih.. I think I'm too much of a city person. The lifestyle in Ipoh is just.... too.... slow.... Even Mcd Drive-through took about 15 minutes to prepare my order. And I was the only customer.

I'm not saying Ipoh is a bad place. The lifestyle doesn't suit me. The mornings in Ipoh are always cool and fresh with birds chirping like there is no tomorrow, whereas here in KL, we wake up to the haze and massive jam.

Visited my tax lecturer with some friends in Klang after returning from Perak.


Her wedding was a couple of weeks back, and she looks so happy :)
And her sister in-law's dogs are so adorable. Huge golden dogs with giant tongues bigger than your palm.

Too bad we couldn't go to Camerons for a photoshoot, but we went to Putrajaya (again) instead. More photos in the next post~~ ;)
And I'm not going to Krabi T_T. Nvm la. next time..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Argghh.. Marah Gila

I'm leaving for ipoh in a few mins time.. and I made a crappy discovery.

SHIT YOU lousy lame tuuuuut mechanics who fixed my car. They took my original cd covers, my cool keychain from a friend, and.. they even took my mum's old asadi slippers O_o !!!!!

ARGHHHHHHH!!! Frustrated till can almost faint ar T_T.
I trusted them T_T asadi slippers pun nak ambik. Kalau crocs boleh faham la, tapi... asadi slippers........

And the cool nail clipper-bottle opener key chain from shaun.. all the way from Europe.. is gone...........

*I don't normally swear in blogging*
*I'm not disclosing the company who fixed my car in a public domain*
*Asadi slippers are really comfortable and cheap*
*Sorry shaun bout the keychain*

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bukit Tinggi

The D90 is amazing :)

Went to Bukit Tinggi for some photoshoot fun. Nice place to take pictures. The air was cool and fresh, even when the sun was so so so bright.

Next photoshoot should be at Cameron Highlands after Chinese New Year.

Hmmm.. the picture files are kinda big. Sorry if they took so long to load. I can't make the files smaller as that reduces the quality of the pic.

Photoshoots are so fun. Anyone wanna have one, just let me know ;)
My friend commented that I'm an emo photographer.. cuz I always say I'm noobing with the cam XD


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Underworld 3

"Congratulations as you've been selected to attend the Premiere Screening of Underworld 3: The Rise of the Lycans"

Weeee~~! nice :)
Same as the Madagascar 2 requirement, I had to post a specific phrase somewhere in the blog to get the tickets.

So, I won myself 2 tickets to the premiere.. and... this time, I brought a super hot hunk along. *wriggle eyebrows*

He is so hot.. that even straight guys will turn gay for him. If you wanna know who that person is, scroll to the 13th link of my blog list. Unfortunately, he deleted his blog, but his name is still there.


The movie was not as cool as the previous ones. And the ending was kinda "errrr.. I thought the bad guy died di, why still walking about wan?"
But other than that, I don't wanna spoil the movie. Go watch it yourself, it brings more sense to the first two movies.

And this is the only picture of the bloggers I know that is not blur. BernardC and his friend (sorry forgot name di).

Thanks nuffnang for the tickets :)
Aih.. didn't take enough pictures. Everyone was just collecting the tickets and waiting for the show to start. A very casual event.

Or.. maybe.. I was left out O_O!! Maybe they had some party somewhere in Cineleisure and I didn't know about it T_T.
Haha. Next time lerr.. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The D Party

It is Dinesh's birthday today. Happy birthday dude :)
He had a small party at his place yesterday. Same great food since years ago, same gay dog since that time too.


And this is the gay dog:


Why gay dog? Because the dog seems to hang around and stares at guys.

Anyway, might be going to Krabi, Thailand to climb this April. Weeeee~~!! Awesome place to climb. Hope all goes well.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Lazy Wii Day

Shandy. Wii. Lazy.

Played Wii for the 1st time. Unique gaming style. Lost every game I played. haha.. I wonder, could we curve the ball when playing Wii Sport - Tennis?

Was chosen to become the "official photographer" of the Choir Club in their upcoming musical play. Since it was my secondary school.. well, can help a bit la..
If you're asking, I don't get paid for this.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Seafield Reunions

Recently had a couple of reunions of the secondary school and primary school batch. Good to see everyone :) some I've even forgotten the names.. :P

Thanks to the organisers who put in a lot of effort to gather everyone. Cheers~!!

Secondary School Reunion at Chulos, Jaya One:

Primary School Reunion at Italianese, Sunway Pyramid:

I have not seen some of them for 13 years~~ thats a very looooong time leh. I wish everyone all the best in life :) God bless :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Comeback [ Part 3 ]

Nikon Phototrip 2008. It was just after Christmas. Had loads of fun, learned a lot of stuff :)

Hmmm.. not sure if I can post the photos here. Maybe there are some copyright stuff this that. So yea.. Anyone who has has info on these matters, please inform me and I'll take down the pics.

Oh yea.. just a random note. It costs me RM23 to surf my blog with my phone using 3.5G. O_O killer rite.. and that was just the 1st page.

Aih.. I'm always hungry at the wrong times. Hungry when I wanna sleep, hungry when I wanna climb, hungry when I'm driving, and when I hold my breath to take a steady picture, the tummy makes noise...
But when it comes to meal times, not so hungry.. O_o

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Comeback [ Part 2 ]

Neway has seriously huge rooms. That's the first thing that came to my mind when I entered. And the food was ok.

Went to Neway a couple of weeks ago. Friends were sporting enough to hear my hoarse and deep but surprisingly melodious singing.

Huge room

We had about 7 of us, but the we were given a room for I think 20 people. Heck, we have enough space to conduct a yoga class in there, or have a breakdance competition without breaking anything.

Aih.. feel so jakun to see a big room. Maybe because the room I went to in Redbox was very small.

Cal Vin
The girls
Linkin Park song

Later, Skybar time. Cool place. Great view of the twin towers. I haven't been to Luna Bar before, so I can't compare.

check out shaun's shirt

Just going to neway and skybar in one day = RM93 T_T
But we had fun :) and the girls love their photos taken.


Friday, January 02, 2009

The Comeback [ Part 1 ]

The com is finally back~~!!!! it's been like 3 weeks. Aih..
Anyway, lets get down to business :)
The past 3 weeks were great. So many gatherings, laughters, noobings.. and uni starts next week T_T

This is part 1 of The Comeback series.. which comprises of:
1) Mini nuffnang gathering
2) Taman Negara trip
3) 21st birthday

Part 2 will have:
1) Neway outing
2) Skybar outing

And part 3 is about:
1) Nikon Phototrip 2008
2) Other small outings..

I'll let the pictures do the talking. And I have so many pictures to post.. weeeeee~

Some time ago, met up with some nuffnang bloggers.. Yenniedoll, BernardC and Rumi. Nice fun people :) Thought there would be more bloggers joining us.. but oh well, next time then..

Yenniedoll, BernardC, Rumi

Unfortunately, I was noobing with the camera, and almost all the other photos were blur. T_T I really feel like kicking myself hard when I reviewed the photos..

Next, we travelled 5 hours plus to Taman Negara. It was a great trip.. until I had allergy on the last night there =.=

boat trip
Canopy walk
Double peace
The taman negara gang

Throughout the 3 hours boat ride to taman negara.. the only animal we saw was this:

Lone cow

Lastly, 18th Dec was my 21st birthday.. and my cool friends (planning credit goes to shaun) took me to genting to celebrate it. Haha.. it was a good thing that I got allergy during Taman Negara, cuz the medicine said "elakkan minuman keras".
They thought of getting me drunk.. but too bad~ haha.

In Genting
Shaun and Cal Vin
Agnes and Jieqiang
Hafriz and Wai Ken
Jo-anne and Jessy

Thanks everyone for making that birthday the best birthday ever :) So many people were involved. I admit, I was very touched.

everyone :)