Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wish For A Tapir

Wah.. didn't blog for a week di. Was so so busy. And.. the com is still dead.

So yea.. will leave for taman negara in a few hours time. And will come back with lots of photos. Someone wanted me to bring back a tapir.. will try my best.

18 Dec is the best day ever. But you all knew that..
Bloggers gathering on the 20th is still on.. for those nuffnangers who are reading this blog.

Have a great week everyone :)

Monday, December 08, 2008

Laptop termati

Aih.. laptop suddenly died. Quite hard to blog with pics without the com.
And I have a paper tmr..

But after 6.15pm tmr.....


Wait la ppl.. got plenty to write about. :)

Friday, December 05, 2008


A bunch of us went to the arcade a few days back. Was waiting for the movie, and we had about 45mins to the screening. And I wanted to play the Air Hockey Table ( I should get one of those XD ).

Air Hockey Table

Ah.. The arcade. Brings back memories.
Last time they had this Sega City when Sunway Pyramid just opened. That was gazillions years ago. And I would frequent that place like a person without a home. You know la.. small boys are crazy over the arcade at that time.

Now times have changed. Even adults visit the arcade these days.

Rambo Daddy

Classic example of indirect violence education to the younger generation.

But this is not as bad as idiots smoking just next to their infant child. Poor child suffering from secondhand smoke because of puffing happy stupid dad.

As quoted from a health site:
Secondhand smoke is especially harmful to young children. Secondhand smoke is responsible for between 150,000 and 300,000 lower respiratory tract infections in infants and children under 18 months of age, resulting in between 7,500 and 15,000 hospitalizations each year, and causes 430 sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) deaths in the United States annually.

For more information of the risks of secondhand smoke, visit Secondhand Smoke Fact Sheet. Or you could just google it for even more information.

Here are some fast facts on secondhand smoke:
  • a known cause of cancer in humans (Group A carcinogen)

  • contains hundreds of chemicals known to be toxic or carcinogenic

  • Passive smoking has been linked to the narrowing of the carotid arteries, which carry blood to the brain

  • aggravate symptoms in children with asthma

  • Short exposures to secondhand smoke can cause blood platelets to become stickier, damage the lining of blood vessels, decrease coronary flow velocity reserves, and reduce heart rate variability, potentially increasing the risk of heart attack

It's like, the parent want to make his child dumb or die at a younger age by causing all of the above symptoms to the innocent kid. Aih.. smoking parents, please love your family more..

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


My first time in Dragon-i. Deco was superb, price slightly on the higher side, food was yummy, and desserts tasted good but poorly presented.

I was so looking forward to take pictures of the desserts, they look so good in the menu.. but was disappointed.
Even mamak ais kacang looks better.. :P

Chinese Tea
Mixed Seafood Fried Rice
I dunno what this dish is called

Before deciding to go to Dragon-i, we went to Friendster Cafe. We sat down, looked at the menu, counted the choices of food that was available, closed the menu, and walked away.
Aih..I don't want to discuss about the menu.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Wacky Lot

The dslr is seriously fun :) everyone goes wacky and all smiling and posing for the camera. haha..

camp5 1
camp5 2
camp5 3
camp5 4
camp5 5
camp5 6
camp5 7
camp5 8
camp5 10

And the last pic.. which I find it really cool. Headless zhao! :)

camp5 9

Actually got more photos wan..but.. all... blur T_T

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grape Shake

Shrimp Pasta

Italiannies. Nice food. Big portions. And they have the best fruit drink ever, the Grape Shake.
This is the real grape juice, they blend real grapes, so it taste like real grapes. Erm.. taste exactly like the grapes you pop into your mouth. Now in drink form.
So, they blend the grapes, with the grape skin and all, to give you the grape taste.

Which spells the perfect disaster....... when you start talking. Worse, when you start smiling. Worst, when you smile for the camera.

All the grape skin are stuck in between your teeth!!! Walau~~~ And you can't feel the skins in your mouth! Imagine... dark purple stuff in between your teeth, and as soon as you smile, swooosh.. every head turns to look at your mouth O_O.

And I always ask everyone to try the grape shake, cuz I really love the drink. Now they would be thinking, "haha..see la. Padan muka. Always force us to try the drink."

Imagine, photographer to the crowd:

"ok people, smile at the cam~"
*after looking at zhao, snigger snigger*
"hey photographer, why laughing there?"
"haha..err. nothing nothing.. ok, now everyone smile for the colgate ad"
*everyone smile extra big*
*after taking the photo, photographer burst into laughter until tummy ache*
"hmmm.. why he laughing so much ar, nvm la. Ok everyone, lets check out the pic"


Too bad I don't have a picture of the grape shake. The glass wasn't nice looking, but Italiannies at The Gardens have better looking glasses, and better lighting.

But even after all the embarrassment, I would still order that drink :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is going to be a short random post. Not feeling well and just days before the exams. Scary~~

Went to the doc for some med, and I asked him why is my body always feeling slightly warm inside for the past month, as in, everytime I wake up, I don't feel fit and healthy, but feel a feverish warmth.
And he said, my metabolism is very high..

Looking back the past month, it's very true. I haven't been climbing much because of studies. From the usual 3-5 times a week reduced to only maybe once a week.

Looks like I need to always workout or play sports to be healthy ;) sitting at home resting for a long time will only make me sick. :P hmmmm.. but pushing the body all the time will make me die at a younger age. aih.


Random photo taken with the phone. The climbers asked me to take it. Looks like a normal climbing pose, but try doing that, and you'll see how hard and cool that move is :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Valley

Was studying at the library a few days back. Chose a big table at the corner, less distractions.

The was this girl who shared the table with me, and she was using a laptop with earphones. Since it was a nice corner, I decided to continue studying at the same table. It was all quiet and peaceful..

Until her boyfriend came. Jeng jeng jeng...

I thought that since there was a short divider separating the people facing each other, it'll be fine. haha..

You know those times where you're reading something, but you can "see" from the corner of your eye the surroundings? I dunno why I had to take notice, but from the corner of my eye, can see the couple getting closer and closer and closer..till can only see 1 shadow instead of 2.. (they are facing each other).

Then you know, you sometimes just had to look up to see the people around you.. just for fun.. then err.. you see a couple..... locking lips...

Of course you'll look back at your books and try your best to continue studying. Rude to stare at people kissing rite. Plus they were not making any noise. Total silence. And that itself is most distracting.

Anyway.. I was studying, but still "seeing" from the corner of my eyes the SURROUNDINGS and very little of the couple, they are still one shadow, when suddenly.. the girl removed her jacket...

Wah.. the library was so cold, still wanna take out jacket.. looks like the action is getting really hot for her.

And, it's just human nature to you know...look around.. then I saw it... the dark valley of prosperity and hair O_O just kidding bout the hair part XD. Like I had time to examine every single blade of grass on the twin hills.

I'm not a pervert k.. just that I happen to see that massive cleavage. Come on la. I was sitting opposite her. And it's the type of dress she was wearing, those low low cut dress which reveals almost everything.

As a gentleman, I immediately looked back at my books and didn't look up till she and her bf went away.

Yes I had my camera with me, and no, I didn't take any picture to describe the scene :P
All those hamsup fellas who expected a pic, be disappointed.

But must post pic in every blog post..


A random pic of yummy ice cream~ :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Root Beer Disappointment

Had a very long class today. 9 hours class on a saturday...... *sigh~
Anyway, after class, was so hungry and wanted to eat somewhere good, then thought of..A&W

Oh the delicious root beer and yummy curly fries.. haven't had those for a long time~


Headed over the the counter,

"kak, nak combo 2. Upgrade ke Curly Fries, dan boleh tak buat root beer nampak macam sangat sangat sedap?"
"erm.. isi rootbeer hingga nampak gila sedap..."
"you mau tambah rootbeer?"
"err..tak apa la."

Aiyo.. my BM sucks. All I wanted her to do was to fill the root beer with lots of that bubbles thingy on top.. look like Guinness Stout. That looks very cool. Plus I expected the root beer mug to be chilled.. I'm sure you guys seen it before.

I asked for all of these to take the perfect root beer picture...

But I was deeply disappointed... very disappointed.

As you can see.. the root bear no bubbles at all!! and the mug not chilled!! Walau..... All the expectation, all the thoughts, of wanting to drink the perfect root beer and drown in ecstasy. All gone T_T.

Haih.. was feeling so down that negative thoughts came to my mind. Now the root beer looks like super super super super super super super super super dark piss. Like someone didn't pee for days and never drink water. arghhhh....

Haha.. even though looks like dark piss.. taste damn nice lo XD
Most probably the best tasting piss ever..

Now I'm being sick and gross.. *slaps myself back to reality"
I think it's because of the long hours in uni today.

Pushing aside all the sick thoughts of mine, A&W root beer is still the best :) Really. The taste is great. The mug is heavy. The straw is white. It's all good :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pooky Photoshoot

Pooky in the garden

Had a mini photoshoot session with Pooky just now. I lost all the previously taken photos of Pooky (such as the original copy of the header pic) when i reformatted my com T_T

The previous photoshoot of Pooky was posted long time ago. Lazy to find the link XD

And yes, the teddy's name is Pooky, as in Garfield's bear Pooky. And yes again, if not mistaken, it sounds like a chinese bad word (not sure of the meaning cuz I'm a banana).

Everyone would be,
"eeeeeee..the bear so cute laaa"
*turns the bear around to see the label*
"hahahaahahaha.. the bear is pooky.. hahahahaha"

Pooky with Snoopy bodyguards
Pooky the monster
Random teddy

The last bear is an old bear my sister found in the house. Quite old leh the bear.. about 10years old di..

Asked my sister to take out her soft toys so that can pose with Pooky. Hmmmm.. all the soft toys not cute enough. haha.
She never buys them. Apparently guys who are/were after her gave her the toys..
Aih.. the guys.. buy so expensive toys (almost all branded, such as hallmark brand thingy, Russ or something like that).

Haha.. 2 years ago, I saw Pooky in Memory Lane:

"wah... cute nya.. plus it's garfield's bear. Okok..must get it"
*searched for my friend in the shop and asked HER*
"eh..pui yeen.. that bear very cute leh.. buy for me laa. Only Rm9.90"
*she gave me that swt look*
"serious ar.. aiya..I no money laa. Next time la."
*my heart went..... T_T*
"haih.. ok la. I buy it myself. Pui yeen, I won't send you home XD"

No la.. I did send her home, and bought the bear myself.
Now.. since the bear is so cute, and everyone is asking me for the bear, I'm only selling it for RM2500.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Was detained by the Pavilion guards while taking this photo. Well, they didn't exactly stop me from taking pictures of buildings at the position where I was standing.

But they stopped my friend (another photographer), and that made me slightly frustrated.

That got me thinking, how are we suppose to take photos of buildings? We were standing in a public area, unless the paved area around Pavilion is not considered public area. If that paved area is under private property, then the only way to take the pics of the exterior of Pavilion is by standing on the road. haha.

TheStar R.Age is having this Click 2 Win photo competition, with the theme Architecture. But how are we going to take photos, if we are always detained? Plus a lot of nice architectures are found in the building.

I respect the rules about copyright this that. Pavilion and KLCC have this sign that no cameras are allowed. These signs are only seen in the building. Does that mean that the rule extends to building grounds?

But then....I managed to take this pic:


The place is sprawling with guards. None of them stopped me. Hmmmm... (maybe they didn't see me)

Very confused la. Is there any place where I can find the words that states people are allowed/not allowed to take picutes of private properties from public area?

Digital Camera Magazine August 2008 pg82 has lots of answers. According to the magazine:
"Generally speaking, you can legally take photographs of private property from a public street. Neither a security guard nor the owner can prevent this. But photographers should be careful if the property is a Government building..."

But the magazine is based on the UK law (and there's a disclaimer).. I'm not sure it applies here in Malaysia. Haih..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oooo Chicken Wings

Went to Jalan Alor for chicken wings a couple of days back. Gila sedap~~~~~ *salivates to the max*
I seldom eat chicken wings (cuz they are expensive) and was quite full at that time, but after taking the first bite... can't stop eating XD

Chicken Wings

Thanks mei ann for introducing the yummy food to me.. and made me pay RM16 for 2 pairs of chicken wings.. (so expensive T_T).

Mei Ann
taking pics

And.. before going to Jalan Alor.. I was at my friend's place in Bangsar.. and she has a wicked table..

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3

Wicked rite~ you can turn the table to various positions. Good for extending the table for guests to put their drinks, and shrinking the table for more leg room.

Also useful if some guy is laughing his head off at you, you can just swing the table towards him.. The table is at the groin level.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ultimate Hostel Room

Was in Nottingham Malaysia, and my friend has Red Alert 3 in his com. He invited me to check out the game in his girlfriend's room (his com is in the gf room).. and WHOA~~!!

Like hotel room leh.. haha.

toilet and bedroom

  • The toilet has scented candles!

  • The bedroom has a water dispenser!

  • Has a mini mini minibar

  • Windows are tinted

  • Curtains are personally selected

  • Room lighting was changed from the white light to the yellow light

  • Has a room carpet with big animal soft toy for deco

  • Has a wall clock with some thermometer function

  • Below are not relevant to the ultimate room

  • But I just want to make the list longer

  • The wardrobe is packed with clothes (enough clothes for 5 families)

  • She has different shoes for everyday for 2 weeks

Seriously.. the room is uber cool. It's just a hostel room.. big enough for only 1 person.. but she changed the room 360 degrees. They even thought of installing a plasma tv in the toilet.......

And... Red Alert 3 is nice~ :)

nice com

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Duck Hunting

Duck Portrait

Went duck hunting.. with the camera. Nottingham Malaysia has this lake with a few ducks residing in it. Felt like taking pictures.. so I went there, only to find out that the light was not good and that it was about to rain :(

But since I was there.. take pictures only laaa~

angry duck
feeding the ducks
brown duck
white duck

The lake was extra teh tarik colour that day..aih.

And I think the brown ducks are intimidated by the white ducks lo. When comes to feeding time, can see that the brown ducks kept a distance away from the feeder, cuz the white ducks were there..
Plus, the feeder didn't give the brown ducks enough food..

This injustice must be dealt with now!! *orders a truckload of duck food just for the brown ducks* I personally like the brown ducks more. I think they look cuter XD

Paper flower

A feeble attempt at macro photography. This is the closest working distance I could get. Hmmmm.. can someone get me a macro lens ;)

Anyway, wanna wish all the best to all the people taking SPM and STPM. You can do it~~!! :)

Photographer too

Monday, November 10, 2008

What would you do [ bra strap ]

What would you do if you see a girl (and you are a guy), she is wearing a spaghetti strap top and one of her bra strap broke? plus she didnt notice it..

Would you go up to her and say "hi..erm.. err..hello.. I, erm.. happen to notice that... your.. aih.. bra strap has broken." then you'll go all red.

Scenario 1:

Girl says to you "oh thanks for telling me :) you save me from a lot of embarrassment" and she puts on her jacket and starts to have a great conversation with you..

Scenario 2:
Girl feels so embarrassed about the bra strap that she shouted "you pervert, why are you staring at me, especially at my bra!!" And the people around thought that you snapped the bra strap on purpose, and they pounce on you and call the police..

Or would you just let her discover herself that her bra strap is dangling for over an hour and that her bra itself is out of place.. (Dunno how the bra system works).

She will be O_O!!!!!!!! most probably swear to never see daylight ever again, and whenever anyone talks about bras, she'll go hysterical..

But if she is cool about it, then..well.. life goes on as usual :)


Ate at Amuleto in Mid Valley recently. Cool place. Nice food. A bit pricey though.

The cup
Grilled Chicken
Pan Fried Fish fillet
Ice cream

Watched James Bond too. Although some reviews claim that the latest Bond movie sucks, I think it has quite a nice ending.

And I want that super high tech computer system the British Intelligence use in their office. So cool!

"Computer, where are my Performance Management notes?"
"Awesome Sir, they're underneath the music cds, next to the pile of clothes, behind the wardrobe"

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I graduated with first class honours Bachelor Degree in Stoning yesterday. Thought of going for Master's but.. decided to stop stoning.

The topics were so dry.. can feel the whole class was just not concentrating at all.


dancer and beatboxer

Our lecturer suddenly said "ok class, we have some entertainment"
A beatboxer and a "dancer" went up stage and performed. haha.

The beatboxer was a cool rite. Until the guy started dancing.... =.="
All he did was just spinning around and waving his hand.. lol.

But, they were sporting enough to entertain our stoning minds. Good job~
Photo taken with N95, quality dropped significantly once I used the digital zoom. Hmmm..

A very short post today, mind still stoning laaaa.. aiyoo.. seriously, have you ever experienced this before? Stoning to the highest degree..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Nuffnang Outing

"Congratulations! You’ve got yourself two tickets for the Premiere Screening of Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa courtesy of Nuffnang and United International Pictures."

Saw this in my mail a few days back :))))

Yay!! My first nuffnang outing and first premiere screening. Double kill~~ :)

Wondering how I got those tickets? See the sidebar, the top most text. Had to post that text, and if the nuffnang people see it, I'll get the tics.

Wondering who I brought along with me to the movie? Haha.. an ultra chun chic, hotter than Hannah Tan, Dawn Yang, and all those Taylors girls I always see when I eat at Asia Cafe (Sunway also got lots of chics).

Wondering who is that oh-so-lucky-girl-who-gets-to-watch-movie-with-zhao? If you're that desperate to know who is that person, click on the 17th blog link at the sidebar.

Nuffnang Booth
Premiere ticket

Surprised though, that the majority of the bloggers who turned up for the screening are the older looking people. I was expecting a younger lot, but cheers to all the bloggers :)

Saw a friend of a friend, who is doing an internship with nuffnang.
Saw another friend of a friend, who didn't see me.

Want me to spoil the movie for you guys? is my review... just kidding~
Don't worry la.. won't spoil it. But you should really check it out.

And to me, the stars of the movie is not the lion or the zebra or the giraffe nor the hippo, but the super slick:


Thanks nuffnang and United International Pictures.