Friday, October 31, 2008

Kind teacher

Classes are very long these days.. Average of 9 hours in uni.. studying only one subject for 4 days in a row. Feels like the light at the end of the dark tunnel is not getting any nearer.. until:

free coffee :) wooo hoooo~~!!

Our dear lecturer Ms Menon got us free coffee :)))) I think at the expense of the big boss of Sunway ACCA. hahaha.. so cool rite!

And, was browsing through some old pics in the phone.. and came across this:


A female climber's hands. Dunno why she wrapped her hands like that. Dont worry. Rock climbing wont destroy your hands.. You'll just have larger knuckles and more hair... just kidding~

Rock climbing is perfectly fine. Really. It's a great sport. Wanna give it a try, just let me know. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What would you do [ exams ]

In the exam hall. Paper is 3 hours long. 4 questions. Each 25 marks. 20 minutes left. First 3 questions were horrible. Last question untouched. What would you do?

Option 1:

    Sit and cry.

Option 2:
    Try to come up with ingenious ideas of making the paper disappear after they collected it, then pray that they will award you with bonus marks for losing your paper.

Option 3:
    Apply every exam technique taught by lecturers and do not stop writing till time is up, no matter how bleak the situation is.

Option 1 sounds easy. XD


Went to swensens recently after a super long day in class. Taking pictures of food with a 18-200mm lens is hard. Focus point too far. The food has to be far away for me to focus..

Fried Mushrooms
Frosted Chocolate Malt

And lets do a simple tag. Tagged by michelle.

1. Take a picture of yourself right now.
2. Don't change your clothes or fix your hair.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 5 people to do this.

Here is a small pic of me:


Ok laaaa.. I know you want a bigger pic of me.. Nah:


Aih..pic a bit blur.. I dunno how some people can take pictures of themselves with a DSLR. Pro.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chronicles of Zhao

This is the post that will blow your mind.. the post about zhao.

awesome zhao

As you all know, zhao is an uber cool dude, so cool, so awesome, life always seems better when you hang out with him. Plus, his birthday is coming up soon, that is on the 18th of Dec.. you know you wanna shower him with gifts, because it's so cool to buy him presents and lunches..

Lets talk more about the ultra hebat zhao. Currenly studying in sunway uni, doing ACCA (crazy crazy course.. haha). Loves rock climbing and photography. Lazy to do tags XD. Wishes for someone to help him buy Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home (currently out of stock everywhere T_T), wishes he can spread his awesome-ness to the world. And.. just kidding. Who wants to know all these facts..

And.. I find the pic above scary. O_O

klcc at night
masjid putra

Photos above taken with the new toy. Looks great rite. No photo editing.

Lepak-ed with a few photographers these couple of days. Need to release stress la. Everyone is saying I look really stressed up. Have to chill. Had a couple of great friends who gave me a good talk and advice a while back. Thanks everyone, you guys and gals, for just being you and making life fun :)

wai ken

How's the new theme? which is better ar? the white one or this gray one? Thought that pics will look better with a darker background. Anyway, will post more pics soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The new toy

Get ready for the next post cuz it'll blow your mind :)

bloody smile

Looks very bloody rite.. haha. Bloody Smiley. Anyway, I don't have any other pic to post.. but wait.... wait for the next post *wriggle eyebrows* :)))

And yes, to all those people who were surprised , I have classes on Saturday and Sunday T_T

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fine food

Fine Cuisine

The new eatery in sunway uni. Iranian Fine Cuisine. wow.. we have a fine cuisine now.. replacing the beloved lemongrass chicken.

The lemongrass chicken, per plate costs RM7.. was considered quite expensive.
And this iranian fine cuisine is serving dishes with a hefty price of RM20 - 30.. there was even a dish costing RM41....

Aiyooooo......... RM41..... T_T

I wanna support any newcomer to the miserable sunway uni cafeteria, but serving fine food in a university is just not a good idea.. unless they are targeting foreign students..

Anyway, how many people can you fit in a lift ar? you would say, depends on the size of the lift.. but how big can a lift be, especially in sunway uni?
The amazing students of sunway always manage to squeeze about 20-24 people in the lift..the limit is 24.

That's the size of a small class..haha.

*in the lift, when class is dismissed*

"hey J, where are you? can't see you"
"I'm here, behind K and L, why?"
"what's the attendance of the class today?"
"just count the people in the lift la"
"oh yea..ok.. i see M, Z, V..... hmmm.. looks like W is absent"
"yup.. i didn't see him in class today"

Plus, the lift creaks and groans... scary O_O

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mock exam ar.. *yawns*

Exam started at 2.00pm.. Financial Reporting paper. *stress stress*
Reached uni at 1.45pm.. oh no.. I'm so late~~!! rushed to the exam venue.. "why the corridor so empty wan.. don't tell me they all entered the exam hall di.. T_T" ran to the main door.. to find:

only 6 students waiting

Only 6 students waiting outside the exam hall...out of about 250 students. Wah~ 15 minutes before the paper, and only 6 students waiting. So chilling ar everyone..

Not bad rite the quality of the pic above. Taken with the N95 8GB.. with no editing. Just tilting a few degrees and resizing it.. I find the colours very accurate.

okok.. now back to studies.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ladies in the dude's washroom

I'm not on hamsup-mode k.. I just so happen to come across the newspaper article in the previous post and thought of blogging about it.

And just so happen that everytime I use the toilets in public places such as 1utama, the female janitors love to enter and clean the toilets..

Pee-ing at the urinals halfway and some lady with a mop will enter.. Come on laaaa.. place a sign outside the toilet saying that you're cleaning the place laaa
Not simply walk into the toilet and start cleaning when guys are pee-ing..
"should I continue to pee, or jam my poor bladder and shift to another toilet?"

Where's the privacy??

How bout we male janitors barge into the female toilets? how bout that? confirm 10 pairs of slippers fly at the poor guy's face, maybe some pepper spray are involved, screaming and all the commotion.. girls crying on front page news claiming that the world is full of perverts..

Then the female janitors leh??? barging into male toilets... WE GUYS PEE AT THE URINALS K..semua pun boleh nampak.. plus the female janitors will wait by the wall, observing everyone pee-ing. I dunno why they wanna wait in the toilet for everyone to leave..why cant they wait outside?

Anyway, even if a guy barges into the female toilets, what can he see? i guess just a few long lines outside each cubicles, with some by the mirror applying their make-up.. that should be all rite............

All the girls will be pee-ing in the cubicles with the door closed.. How to see anything?

I've never entered a female toilet before, so I dunno exactly what to expect to see..

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sex on the beach


Was just thinking, when you do it.. you need it to be really smooth rite. All the action must have smooth friction..

Erm.. I dunno how to put it into words, but you get the idea.. that having sand inside the hole or on the stick isn't a nice thing to happen. Having sand in your mouth is bad enough, but having sand in between 2 thin layers of skin is.....


*while guy is inserting his stick into the girl's hole*

Girl: Ouch ouch ouch!! hurts..go slowly..dont push it too fast.
Guy: Okok.. I'll do it slowly.

*fully inside, now trying to remove*

Girl: hurts dammit. Stop moving!!
Guy: ahh ahh.. cannot remove. Too much sand inside.

*guy and girl stuck in that position for a long time*

Girl: aih..i guess it's time to try to remove your stick again.
Guy: goes.

*guy tries to remove his stick out of the hole, but hurts too much*

Guy + Girl: #%*%&^!@#!!!!!@%*^$@!!
Guy: but i have to remove it. We cant be stuck in this position forever..
Girl: T_T why the hell did we have sex on the beach....
Guy: ok ar.. i'm going to pull it out as fast as possible.. get ready~~
Girl: *braces for it*

*guy pulls his stick out from her hole as fast as possible*

Guy + Girl: s***!!!!! T_T T_T T_T

*private parts bleeding profusely*
*both guy and girl fainted because of the pain*

Study + climb

Malaysian Taxation T_T
Studying while climbing
Still studying
Better clip-in

Thanks loius, sarah and hui yii for taking the pics.. It's very hard to read the textbook and climb at the same time, but super zhao manages to do it.. biasa-lah..

Recently, I'm always very hungry laa. Hmmmm.. so much money spent on food and more food. Yet, can't put on weight T_T skinny but so strong... aih.. not balanced.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Omega-3 diet

Sushi Zanmai

Reading michelle chan's blog made me wanna do a food review too. Went to Zanmai recently, and ordered lots of salmon dishes for the review, since she blogged about Unagi.

Salmon Temaki
Coral Roll

You know...i suck at writing reviews.. As you can see, the previous post on the macro capabilities of the D60 and N95 was like hanging and didnt have a conclusion.
This time, i'm lost on what to write about the salmon dishes i ordered. T_T
Ermmm.. all i can say is that, it tasted good, like how salmon should taste like.

Salmon Nigri

Okok.. let me try and write a bit more..

Zanmai is a great place to chill out and eat. Good food at a good price. No doubt. The salmon dishes i ordered was the Salmon Temaki, Coral Roll and the classic Salmon Nigri.

Well, salmon nigri and salmon temaki tasted like how it should taste like. Haha. Dont know how to explain how they taste like.
I can tell you how wasabi tastes like though.. Wasabi is The Green Stuff, the stuff everyone craves for, the stuff which inspires you to go the distance, recommended to be consumed in large spoonfuls for that exhilarating burst of flavours
Just kidding~~

Wah.. if take a huge spoonful of wasabi ar.. it's like:

God bless ;)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monumental dic

Was in library, doing some studying, saw this word "indenture". Hmmmm.. apa tu? okok..go find the meaning of the word.

Went to the shelves of books, to find a huge ass dictionary~~
Seriously gila besar.. *like so jakun*

See!! so big rite!! Compared it with a so called huge phone and the N95 was dwarfed by the dictionary.
Plus, there's the title "Shorter Oxford English Dictionary".

Walau.. then the Complete Oxford English Dictionary can stop a bullet lo.. maybe can even stop lightning strike.

Scene 1 *during heavy thunderstorm*

Dude 1: Ala..we're stuck here in the middle of a big field and there's lots of lightning.
Dude 2: No worries, just use the Complete Oxford English Dictionary to shield us from the lightning by carrying it above our heads.
Dude 1: Hey. That's a brilliant idea. Ok, let's do it.

*the dudes ran across the field with The Book on top of their heads*
*lightning zapped The Book*
*The Book just went pssstt.. and there was a small hole in the middle*
*the dudes were saved*

Scene 2 *during a robbery*

Dude 1: Oh no!! that robber is holding a gun, and that other robber is using a bazooka.
Dude 2: No worries, just use this Complete Oxford English Dictionary to shield us. Come, let us run away from this dangerous place.
Dude 1: Hey. That's a brilliant idea. Ok, let's do it.

*the dudes ran for the door*
*robbers saw them and fired at them with gun and bazooka*
*bullet got stuck at the hard cover of The Book. Rocket from bazooka managed to burn pages of A-words and a bit of B*
*the dudes were saved*

Out of jakun-ness, you get to see a rare pic of me.

super cool zhao

God bless :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cats on the road

More like cute small kittens on the road who stare innocently at you..

Was late for class this morning, rushed to do all the morning business, ran to the car, and drove off fast..
Reached a narrow road, only to find 2 kittens resting on the road...

"ok..just drive nearer, and they will run away.."
Drove the car nearer... kittens didnt budge..

"fine..will rev the engine to scare the kittens away.."
Freed the clutch, and tekan minyak. Kittens just stare blankly at the car..

"argghh..okok. Must chill. Should i reverse and take a super long alternative route, or just run over them?"
Haha. Not running over them laa.. but decided to skillfully manoeuvre past them..

"please please please please dont move under the car...pleaseeeee..."
Was quite afraid of flattening them..

However~~~ all was good..the kittens didnt move. *phew*

Why the mother or father cat didnt teach them anything wannnn...
At least teach the kittens "when a car is approaching, dont run across the road, or dont just sleep on the road.."

See the lame cats just watching their kittens on the road when a huge Waja is approaching them..aih. Poor parenting man..

God bless :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

There's a superhero

Mix these two:

And you will get:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Simply mouth-watering


A country famous for.... good food~ Penang Char Koay Teow, Ipoh Hor Fun, Ipoh White Coffee, Melaka Chicken Rice Balls, any mamak's Nasi Lemak, Milo Ais at Murni ss2.. and many many more..

Don't you feel privileged being in Malaysia.

Imagine, feeling reeeeaaaally hungry and thirsty (cans of 100plus tak cukup), feeling tired after sports, and you have this for dinner:

With this

And a bit of this

Wooohooo~~!! *hands shaking*mouth drooling*lips smacking*heart thumping*


Decided not to do any more comparison between D60 and N95.. can't review well at all..haha. Maybe next time la.

And the verdict of the Macro test is: I dunno laa.. haha. (lousy tester) Just wanted to take pictures with each camera to show you the difference.

But generally, the D60 produces better colour, sharpness, this that of what you expect from a DSLR. (obviously......)

God bless :)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

D60 vs N95 8GB [ macro ]

Well.. not the real macro.. just a close shoot up. Didn't use tripod, so pics are a bit blurry, plus lighting was poor. Uploaded the pics with photobucket for better comparison (larger pics).
Used the nightstand in my room and placed the subject under the fluorescent light.

First up, is the N95 8GB.

General settings:-
Scene mode: Close-up mode
Light sensitivity: ISO Auto

Distance between lens and subject: 10cm
White balance: Fluorescent

Distance between lens and subject: 4-5cm
White balance: Auto

Distance between lens and subject: 4-5cm
White balance: Fluorescent

Next, the Nikon D60.

Distance between lens and subject: 11cm
Scene mode: Macro
White balance: Auto
Light sensitivity: ISO Auto

Distance between lens and subject: 11cm
Scene mode: Aperture-priority
Aperture: f5.6
White balance: Fluorescent
Light sensitivity: ISO 800

It is recommended to place the N95 8GB between 10cm to 60cm (stated in the phone) and to place the D60 11cm away from the subject for the highest magnification.

However, as you can see, by placing the N95 at 10cm away from the subject, the subject is a little small in the frame. Placing it 4-5cm away didn't ruin the autofocus.

This is the 1st time I'm doin a small review. Kinda sucks. Not well written. Blurry pics. Aih~ Hope the next one would be much better :)

Next post: Nikon D60 vs N95 8GB [ outdoor ]

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Red Box

Very outdated post. Ran out of pictures, so decided to blog about a red box outing. More like decided to post red box outing pics..

Next post: Nikon D60 vs Nokia N95 8GB

Haha..had a funny time trying to sing My Humps..

Need water! not beer... very smart business people ar.. charging a premium for plain water.