Saturday, March 29, 2008

The power

Do you feel it?? haha

I felt it.. in church.

Had a rather troubling week. But after church today, it looks like everything's gonna be just fine :)

Thanks to my friends who comforted me, directly and indirectly.haha. Will buy you guys half a sushi.

And.. my class was chosen to be the model classroom for an ad for sunway acca.
Too bad i'm not in it..haha..was sitting at the side.

My friend had to raise her hand and pretend to ask questions. all the acting. aih..

Well, in my humble opinion, sunway acca is all good. (not promoting)

God bless :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

The first title of the blog

Some ppl can just draw very well..

I wish i can draw too..

But i can't T_T

But i'm a lefty.. and i still can't draw.. oh well..

Cool art by mister Willy.. classmate of mine.

A feeble attempt by another classmate..

And in my opinion, the new Sunway Pyramid is many improvements.
Great toilet, sweet J Co, and the carpark green light thingy is just so funny.. cuz when the carpark is full, and as soon the red light change to green, ALL the cars rush to that light.. hahaha..

All the ice are gone~~ no more skating.. till they are done cleaning.

Random pic (it was hard trying to take this pic without him noticing):

Shopping spree !! There were like 20 bags of goodies there.. with the rest of the family in Esprit looking all so excited.. haha

God bless :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It rained today. Nice and cooling. weeee
Had pizza for dinner. weeee
Listened to jay chou's music with my headphones. weeee
Owning in Team Fortress 2. weeee
Received extra pocket money. weeee
Ate super chilled watermelon. weeee
Slept for almost 12 hours. weeee
Exams next week. NOooooooooOOOOOooooOOooooo T_T

Best game on earth when you're in class.

Went to starbucks in ss15, met up with hyii...and saw this:

I want that rm50!!

1st pic is taken by sony ericsson K810.
2nd pic is taken by my phone.

Such a big phone camera is so bad. Aih, can someone donate to me N95 8GB..

God bless :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Received this yesterday... :)

Came back from climbing, and saw this letter on the cabinet..
"a letter for me... woooo.. nice, and it's not from ACCA.."
"who would send me a letter ar..why the handwriting like a bit familiar wan.."

Malaysia's stamp wo..
"aik, not from overseas.. hmmmm.. i wonder who.." :)

Would you like to see what's inside..

Haha.. this letter really made my day..
Thanks mei yii and hui yii. :))))
It was so unexpected, cuz i saw you girls just hours before.. wah wah.. feeling very important..haha

Now thinking "wah.. GG.. they wrote so much, how to reply back la.."
No worries, will reply back one day.. :)


(i went through so much trouble just to take pics of the letter T_T haih..)

God bless :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yo people..

Sorry for not blogging for a long time. As usual, wanted to change the template, but then, too hard..haih.
After spending a couple of hours trying to create one, i gave up.. will continue some other time.. *morale at the lowest level*

and.. WHY must the sunway pingpong table always occupied? at all times..

and.. why is this game so hard...

and.. look at my cool work on the whiteboard. haha..

*actually, the lecturer was lazy to write the answer, so took my script, looked at it, complimented it, then asked me to write it on the board..*
i feel like so being used..

and.. because the answer was so good (whahahaahha), some classmates went up and took pics of it..

So far, life in uni is great.. having so hardworking classmates really pumps up the pressure.. BUT, it's all a healthy dose of stress.. haha *must think positively*

God bless :)