Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thanks everyone for the wishes and presents. =)

Had a great dinner with keat wei, ren yin, michelle, wk , half of jessy, and myself at 1u..thanks for the cake too. and the shirt. and the games of Bridge (though i lost all the rounds).. but it was great.

And, i bought myself my very 1st ORIGINAL game. woot woot!!~~

The Orange Box.

Muahahahahaahahahhaahha, muaaaaaaahahahaahahahahahaahahaha..



Playing Team Fortress 2 online for hours everyday, play till pening kepala when climbing, but still dont care... my first ori game man... haha.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

WAH!!! what a week.. fell ill on sat early morning..sick till end of sunday.. and luckily singapore climbing trip was cancelled. if not, GG..

Looking forward to spore trip on the 22nd.

Haha.. my mum said to me, "boy, next year, on your bday, i book you di.. one year in advance."

And i was like "errr..i already got plans for that bday.."

anyway, no pics for this post, sorry peeps..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

feeling emo... haih

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Progress test was over last week.. and i've been climbing till my hands wanna drop.. and have been watching lots of movies..

And i dont recommend Across the Universe...

They just sing and sing and sing...and the storyline jumped so randomly.. but i would say the show has a good ending.

The next movie i've watched is The Golden Compass..

Good movie.. but for a movie series, i would give it a 7.5 out of 10..

Errr..i dont really know whether i used the word "movie series" right, haih... my english is horrible..

Anyhow, recently, i just dunno what to blog about.. some ppl would simply say, just look at something around you now, and blog about it.. but fellow bloggers understand what i mean, this bloggers block. And simply looking around and extracting 'interesting' blog materials from that object is quite hard for me..

But i will overcome it soon~~~ muahahahaahahahahaha.. zhao shall prevail !!

God bless. =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hmmm...havent been blogging for a while now. was quite busy. and now having this progress test.. will be quite free after 29th nov..

And i had a good laugh while browsing through and found this article.

Keep Noxious Farts at Bay with the Gas Grabber

Oh good lord. Someone has invented a fart protector. After you've eaten the Thanksgiving turkey equivalent of a horse, some of that tryptophan is going to eventually turn into methane, and you're going to need some serious butt protection like this. This patented Gas Grabber anal pad uses activated charcoal to neutralize those toxic fumes, sparing all of your beloved family members from your willful violation of their airspace by your noxious kamikazes. So far, it's just in the patent application stage, so this special mojo filter won't be available this Thanksgiving. Too bad.

People can just create anything.. haha.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yesterday, i went for an outdoor climbing trip at a place at Batu Caves called Nyamuk. And people don't simply name that place for fun.


They are big, bold and extremely hungry.. we climbers found a small dead cat at the bottom of some tiny cave. Maybe the mosquitoes were having a game and decided to see how much they can suck..and the poor cat happened to pass by.

These mosquitoes also don't mind dying. You can just easily kill them while they are sucking, and another swarm will attack very soon.

However, we set up like a resting spot and put all the mosquitoe coils around and used the available insect repellants.. soon, the pesky insects stopped bothering us.

Firstly, we had to trek a bit to the wall as there is no direct path to it. We started climbing at about 11am..climbed till like 2pm when it started to rain.. and we cant simply run for shelter as we have to coil the rope, pick up all the rubbish, find this and that and like i said, there is no proper path to use.. soon most of us were drenched..

After the rain stopped, we had to trek down to come out of the jungle.

GG. The rain washed off the mosquitoe repellants.. WAH!!! and they attacked us again.. T_T

What a day....

God bless.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Move aside RX-8.. i dont love you anymore...

Now, i love you Evolution X !!!!!

The car look so aggresive and cool!! and the specs for this car is amazing!!!
WAh....i can go crazy just thinking of Evo X.. if you wanna know more of the specs, just google it..

The highlights of Evo X are the S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) and the Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission).

With the S-AWC, it's quite difficult to crash the car even when you enter a corner insanely fast, or suddenly performing an emergency evasion, or skidding etc, unless you're a really noob driver.

With the SST, it eliminates the need for a clutch pedal and provides slick, smooth shifting. It also switches between clutches for lightning-fast shifting for feel-good acceleration without power loss.
(I don't think i explained the SST well, but basically, the SST is like a super upgraded advance automated manual transmission)

But then, there's also the Lexus IS 250.. wah.. this car is also uber cool.

In my opinion, i think the IS 250 looks better than BMW 3 series or the Audi A4. That's just my opinion, i like japanese cars. and there's too many BMWs around, kinda bored looking at it. unless it's an M3. haha.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I shall blog a bit about my sunway uni.

This is at the magazine section in the uni bookstore. It's like 10 women's magazines to 1 men's magazine.. why??? haih. And i'm not gay ok.. i just want more guy magazines such as car magazines or some tech magazines.

A couple of amusing posters that can be found in one of my classrooms..

And i'm so used to flat screens when dealing with computers; my laptop (14.1 inches), hafriz huge laptop (17 inches), my dad's LCD screen (20 inches), nottingham's com labs, shaun's gigantic LCD tv, etc..
SO, i'm quite surprise to how small the com monitors used to look like a few years ago..

Haha.. look at the difference..

Eventhough the screens' resolutions are different, all of us are accustomed to bigger viewing area with smaller prints and more info, compared to smaller viewing area with bigger prints and less info..

Imagine playing com games with the older monitors.

"why so small wan!! how to see.. where is everything..!!! arghhh"

Well, at least, that's how i would feel.

Hmmm... times have really change.. ^_^

God bless.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Dell XPS M1730 is finally here..!!!

from Dell's site:

Dell’s XPSTM M1730 is a mobile gaming powerhouse. With unique features like an optional AGEIA® PhysXTM Mobile TechnologyTM and the latest next-gen NVIDIA® SLI® technology , the M1730 features an awe-inspiring design and cooler-than-thou features like a built-in stats tracker and 16-color, programmable LightFXTM lighting.

That's just some of the awesome specs the XPS M1730 offers..

WAhhhhhhhh.. so nice!!

But honestly, i'm satisfied with my current laptop. Enough said =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Motorola W220................ IMPOSSIBLE to sms!!!! walau...

It took me 20 mins to try to the end gave up and just called..
*i'm a super pro nokia and sony ericsson user. capable of typing blazing fast..

That aside, went to Tony Roma's again.. stim food la..

Fried Mushrooms. Very nice and bountiful.

The Bountiful Beef Ribs. Very nice too.

This came along with the Bountiful Beef Ribs. All the face features are of different sauses.

The sauses that were used to outline the face.

Went around Pyramind 2 again, and many of the shops are still closed for renovations. Plus, the map directory is quite annoying, especailly when you are rushing to find a place. (the map is an LCD screen)


1st, you try to find the shop location on the map.. for example, G064.. so you would look at the map, trying to find where shoplot G064 is..

Then, as you are still looking, the map suddenly changed into an advertisement. ARGGGHhhhh..

Lame!! Then have to wait for quite a while, then it'll resume back to the map.. then you'll be like "errr.. where were we just now.." then you have to start all over again..

God bless.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I got myself a new phone!! muahahahahaha..

The Motorola W220. Some may think "what the hell, zhao got another new phone =.=" ... what happened to his super chun dopod phone.."

Haha..the W220 is like Motorola's version of Nokia's 3310 (if u people rmb that ancient hardy brick phone).
The W220 features:

  1. no camera

  2. no bluetooth

  3. no infrared

  4. no memory card extension

  5. super suck ringtones,sms tones, basically anything that can be used to make noise

  6. cannot use mp3 as ringtone

  7. only 500kb space

  8. super sleek look

  9. according to yen tink, you can type sms faster than the phone can handle

  10. so small that i thought i lost my phone when it's in my pocket (too used to huge phones)

  11. the speaker is directly below that flat based phone, so imagine picking up the phone on a table when it's ringing, like a sudden boom of noise

  12. the price is less than 1/10 of my current Dopod

The reason i bought the phone is to use it as a dispensible phone. Meaning, i use it when i'm out for sports etc.. too risky to use the Dopod cuz it's too expensive, and i will not always be looking out for my phone..

*wah, the Dopod camera suck at close ugly blur pics.

And i'm hooked on Mika's album... so funky.. haha

Lastly, i have a lame iritating, annoying, and stupid neck ache!! haih.. slapping on Salonplas very often..

God bless. =)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Went to The Gardens today, i'm not sure if it's the expansion of midvalley, or a new separate shopping mall by itself..

Well, the interior design is way cooler than Pyramid 2.. the railing are like wood and glass, not the usual metal and glass combination.. the ceiling is like whoa..

Didn't take any pics cuz of the many ppl walking around me..

And The Gardens was super packed (judging from the super long time we took to find carpark), and the carpark was flooded too... haih.. Some ppl may think that just because it's raya, the place will be empty, but no no.. all the chinese swarm out like flies to all the malls... *shakes head* haha.. dunno if i'm included in that swarm.

I want a Nikon D40..

I want an Oakley Juliet..

I want a pair of Crocs Outdoor..

I want a nice shirt for rock climbing..

I'm just too greedy.. haih.. must change that.

God bless.

Thursday, October 11, 2007



Haha, the malay sub for Bourne Ultimatum is Bourne Muktamad..

While waiting impatiently for the movie to start..

It was a good show, i think it has a perfect ending to the Bourne series. Nice nice. =)

And the iPhone is out in Malaysia, or some small dealers importing it..

It costs RM 2799, and it is indeed a cool phone. I saw this one at Geek in 1 Utama. And i think they only have 1 iPhone left.. so hurry if u wanna get it.

God bless.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tony Roma's is a good place to dine in.. some are really tasty. And the pictures in the menu are so tempting.. i know that we are not suppose to trust the pictures, but i shall be the tester for today.

The drinks looking so refreshing on a hot day..

The Chocolate Avalanche Sundae Martini and the Strawberry Cheesecake Martini.

I ordered the Strawberry Cheesecake Martini....

Haha..firstly, the martini didn't have any cheesy flavour. Second, it is creamy and it's a gives a different kick to you compared to the normal martini. Third, it didn't look as good as in the picture. Overall, it tastes fine. Just a bit weird.

I recommend Tony Roma's =)

God bless.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Went to pyramid 2 today.. was cool. Very new place. But the interior design is superb. Kinda make the RM550 million extension worth it. Cuz the building is quite big now, though i think it's still smaller than 1utama, but there are a lot of nice shops now in pyramid 2.

And this was the 1st shop i saw when i entered the building:

Cool. =)

Then you'll notice that there are 2 domes in pyramid 2, one blue and one orange and the walls around those domes are of the same colour. Can feel the different atmospheres as you walk from one dome to the other.

Orange dome, even the design and deco around this dome is so orangy, feels like it is full of energy.

Blue dome, a cooler and more soothing atmosphere compared to the orange bro.

Besides that, around 80% of the shops are under construction and remodelling works. The place smells of new paint and all that.

note: ppl were like "wat is this dude doin la.. looking up and taking photos."

And i'm sure you ppl notice that when u see someone looking up, the ppl around that person tend to look up too.. haha. so when i looked up to take photo, the ppl around me were like looking up too..then they are like wondering, what is up there that is worth taking photo la.. then they will be trying to find something up there that isn't there..

God bless.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

After so long of not blogging, lets start with a random post..



7 years of dust!! even the outline of dust of the previous wardrobe can be seen on the wall..

THE NEW WARDROBE FROM IKEA!!! happy with the new stuff.. *suffered a lot while cleaning up the room, keep on sneezing*

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I screwed up my life pretty badly..

I'm given another chance, and no way i'm goin to waste it..

Thanks for all the support my frens gave me. and still giving me..

I really appreciate it. =)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Haha..went to monash new campus today.. so big!!!! so many floors..i feel so small..

Then went to the library, suppose to study...haih. haha

Inside monash library.. hmmm..the really red chairs are very striking.

Mei yii searching some books for me.. phone is a chic magnet.. same as the owner.. muahahahaaha.
(chics from left: yang ching, sara, mei yii)

Mei yii doesnt wanna be left out to admire the chic magnet.

Monash is a nice campus.. way more ppl than nottingham msia.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Went to kl.. jalan jalan at night.. like wat mei yii did.. haha.

my phone camera not bad. No autofocus, but looks quite neat.

Went to SMART Tunnel.. haha, no cars at all.. really no cars.. we even stopped in the middle and took pictures.

No cars...... and the tunnel is very long.

Stopped in the middle of the tunnel and took this pic..

Before going to kl, we ate at The Apartment at The Curve.. nice homey atmosphere. Everything seemed ok until i ordered the Mixed Fruit Flambe (RM 12.90)...


2 thin slices of apple, pear, starfruit, pineapple and prune.

Days before, went to chilis..ordered the High and Mighty Pie. (big ice cream cake)


This is wat happens when u knock down a dog.

Poor poor dog..

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Driving extremely late at night.. or very early in the morning..

Coming back from nottingham..

Juz entered USJ area..

Got police road block..

Policeman1: Encik, tolong berhenti di tepi..
Me: *gg lo.. what happened??*
Policeman2: *taps on window* *re-adjust the submachine gun at his waist*
Me: *gg lo.. winds down window*
Policeman2: Encik, you punya roadtax tak clear.
Me: Saya tak tahu. Parents yang renew, bukan saya. Saya tak nampak roadtax
Policeman2: Sila tunjuk licence dan ic
Me: *Pass cards to policeman2*
Policeman2: Oh, tinggal di Usj 6. Tadi dari mana?
Me: Saya dari Semenyih. Nak balik.
Policeman2: Hmmm.. kerja apa sekarang?
Me: Saya student. Tak kerja.
Policeman2: You punya roadtax tak clear. Macam mana? Saya boleh saman.
Me: *gg loooooo.... T_T* Err, saya tak tahu la. Saya tak handle roadtax. Parents yany handle
Policeman2: Hmmm..Macam mana ini.. saya boleh saman..
Me: * want rasuah, juz say so laaa..* *no!!!, cannot give rasuah!!!* Saya tak tahu la encik. *looking scared*
Policeman2: student..tak apa la.. you boleh pergi.
Me: Thank you encik. *Thank you God*

WAhhh.... good thing didnt give rasuah.. and thank God so much that nothing else happened. But the policeman2 looks ok, very friendly.. Bless him for not pushing for bribes..

Friday, July 27, 2007

Finally finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo.. took me approx 30 hours to read it.. loooong..good book good book. thanks mei yii for the book =) now got 2 more left to read.

And i seriously have to clean up my room.. look at the mess....... haih... so much stuffs..

My pingpong standard dropped down terribly.. couldnt even spin properly anymore.. sadness. Must start training again di.. who wants to play with me??!!

God bless. =)