Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bloggers at Pavilion

Weee~~ internet is back! Wanted to post something lame a few days back, but lost the mood di.

Anyway, this post is about the bloggers gathering at Pavilion KL on the 28th March. Thanks guys for coming :)

The bloggers!! XD haha. So cool to see everyone. Sorry I was a bit late. First met up at Coffee Bean. Waited for about an hour, then headed down to the food court.

After makan, decided to hang out at starbucks for some coffee and chitchat.. but... no place to sit :(. Went to the starbucks on the upper floor and it was the same. Moved on to the stairs at the main entrance of Pavilion and were told that we can't sit or gather there. Aih..

So I decided to end the bloggers gathering early.. what to do :( no place to sit and chat. I know the gathering was kinda messy, due to my poor planning. First time plan ma :P the next gathering would be a much better one :)

And... the final group picture. Took many tries to get it right. But very pleased with this pic XD

cwken - The guy in blue who takes great shots with a nikon D60.
angelkein - The girl in light blue and she is so tall! :)
klcv - The guy all the way from sabah XD great to have you there with us.
GreenTeaBern - The dude who has an uber cool list of bloggers in his blog. And GreenTeaBern wore green that day XD
gregorule - Check out his post on the Earth Hour project :)
Jeffro - Hmmm.. come to think of it. I dunno how old jeff is XD
burningice - Hahaha.. very funny dude. And everyone teased him during the self-intro session XD.
Vun - This guy is soooo quiet. Aih.. didn't manage to talk to him. And his blog has a really cool layout.
Jloi - You guys should check out his post on this outing. Love the picture borders.
kwongfei - Jloi's senior XD
Diese - Her name and her blog's name has a secret message XD
Vistakru - Uses a Sony a300. Coolness :)
Suresh - I thought this dude is about 25 years old or older..haha
Jess - The star of the day~~!!! :)
czhthedude - Yours truly, zhao XD

Earth Hour. The hour where everyone turns off non-essential lights and electrical appliances. Was at KLCC to shoot the towers during the event.

Initially wanted to shoot KL city from Lookout Point, but the jam was so bad in KL, had to settle for KLCC, which was still good :) There were lots of people there with their dslrs and tripods.

I'm proud that Malaysia took part in this event. Lets be more aware of mother nature. Lets go green.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Internet Down

Aih.. didn't update for the past few days cuz internet is down at my place. However, heard that the internet will be back by tonight. yay~!

The net was so slow, I can't even upload any pictures. Just enough to type this post.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Update

Yes yes.. Will update properly very soon :)
Currently very caught up with stuffs.. like.. stuffs XD

The next post will be so amazing, so wow, so.. wow again.. that you'll be dropping to your knees, saying "wow zhao.. this post.. is..... damn lame laaaaa" XD.

Try to guess what this is:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lets Meet Up [ updated ]

Updated as at 22 March 2009.

Bloggers gathering is on:

27th March 2009
28th March 2009
Pavilion KL

Date is no longer 27th, but now on the 28th of March.
Meeting place is still Coffee Bean.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hope to see you guys there :)

Balloons in the Air

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. Woke up at 5.30am just for this event. Had to reach friend's place by 6.45am. Have to be at Putrajaya by 7.45am, as photographers are allowed nearer to the balloons than the crowd at the fence.

Was running around outside the restricted field before 7.45am to shoot the balloons at different angles. Suddenly, I heard a faint announcement that photographers are allowed into the field. Looked at my watch to see 7.47am.

Ran to the entrance, only to be stopped and was told that the area was full, and no more photographers are allowed inside.... T_T Saw my friends inside, and I cried even more T_T_T_T. I even tried begging the guards to let me in. But they were strict and patiently said no.

Why why why why why did I bother to run around just for some stupid shots from the outside where I can take much better shots from the inside..... *drops to knees and sobs*

Suddenly, one of the guards ask the other, did Manchester United win yesterday? His friend said he doesn't know. I told the guard that Man-U lost, having heard that from waiken while on the way to Putrajaya. The guard was like "Betul ke? YES LA.. okok.. you boleh masuk la. Cepat."

I was so stunned and happy, I thanked the guard, and while running towards the gang, praised and thanked God all the way~~ :) I was overjoyed k XD

Ever wondered what's inside the balloon :) everyone knows that there's nothing inside but plain hot air.. but don't you feel that you must really see it for yourself..

See.. there's nothing inside XD

There were soooo many photographers.. a few with some bazooka lens. I love those lens XD. There was even a kid about 4-5 years old holding a dslr. haha.. waiken managed to take a picture of the boy.

And the picture of the day is:


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Garden

Celebrated an old friend's birthday last week at Garden in 1u. Nice place. The setting is very.. garden-ish. haha. A lot of whites and greens.

And the lighting is perfect for indoor photography without flash.

The birthday girl :) Michelle Ng. Known her for about 10 years plus plus.

Isn't it great to celebrate birthdays with old friends. To know that we're still good friends after so many years :) Those who attended the birthday celebration were all old friends too. Aih.. suddenly... feel... so..... seasoned XD

The girl with the hat is the gf of the co-founder of Youthsays - Esther Lau
The girl with the white top celebrates her birthday in april - April Cheah
The girl next to the girl in white has a Wii - Mabel Low
The guy with the hat is the owner of the hat and is the champion of lameness - Thomas Yap

The guy in the grey jumper is an ultra awesome cool guy - Zhao
The girl next to the ultra awesome cool guy is a blackbelt in taekwando - Chui Mei
The teapot in front of the ultra awesome cool guy is a cool teapot - Cool Teapot

And.. group picture! Oh.. the birthday girl's sister is also celebrating her birthday, at the table next to us XD guess who is the sister..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

Attended the Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 top 11 at Mist Club courtesy of nuffnang. The event was great. And the goodie bag by HP was ultra cool XD

There was free flow of drinks that stopped flowing too soon. Haha.. guess everyone was extremely thirsty, with all the shouting over the dj's music, and all the mad cheering for the contestants.

Ahh.. more pics, less talking eh..

That's Elaine Daly, one of the judges for MDG. The dreamgirls were all showing their stuff in the fashion shows, and some were really good ;) From the pics, you can see where I was standing the whole time.

Some fortunate bloggers managed to position themselves right in the middle. But I think, from experience, photographers always have to fight for the best angle. haha. I'm quite pleased with my spot XD no one really blocked my view, though the gigantic speakers sometimes caused my hand to shake with their loud Booms..

Besides the fashion shows, we were entertained by belly dancers (I think)..

... and by Jules and Prem from Fly.fm. Funny couple XD Both were saying jokes and teasing each other with Prem also teasing the cool DJ. Haha.. the DJ was really sporting.

Weeee.. it was a great event. Really. Haha.. met nigel (flyguy) and hitomi there. Actually, the place was filled with bloggers and their dslrs.. If you have a dslr, you'll feel right at home at Mist Club yesterday.

Hitomi and her friend. Didn't get her name.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lets Meet Up

UPDATED as at 22nd March 2009.

I'm organising a bloggers gathering. Hope you nuffnangers can make it :)

27th March 2009
28th March 2009
Pavilion KL

Some of the bloggers attending are jloi, vox, greenteabern, jess, yenniedoll, jhtham.
The meeting point will be at Coffee Bean in Pavilion. I think it's in the middle of Pavilion.

Lets make it happen XD.

Once again, the date has changed to 28th March 2009, no more 27th March.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blogging and Law

Just got back from the Blogging and Law Conference by eLawyer in UM. Good talk. Really an eye opener. And the hall was almost full. Plus I saw a few nuffnangers, though I don't know their names. haha.

The conference was mostly conducted by 2 speakers, Nizam Bashir and Foong Cheng Leong. Both are lawyers, and both are bloggers. And because they are bloggers, they kinda understand more about the issues surrounding the law on blogging, the freedom of speech, copyright infringement etc..

However, I dare not post any issues discussed in the conference, as I may have quoted wrongly (since I'm not a law student), and some might use my words as law, and.. well.. yeaaa. They might get into trouble and blame me..

As these are serious issues, I do not want to take the risk. If you really want to know what was discussed, I think there are official recordings being distributed for RM20.

Among the common but very interesting matters are:
  • If I take a picture of a person, to whom does the picture belongs to

  • If I edit a picture, to whom does the picture belongs to

  • What can be called as seditious?

  • What defence do we have as bloggers?

And many many more.

Besides that, there was a award giving ceremony, to a essay writing competiton, and my friend sarah kate got an award! YAY! :)

Aih..too bad no one was looking at the camera. haha.

*pics of speakers taken by waiken