Monday, May 18, 2009

Everything. All. Gone.

17th May 2009. 9.15pm to 10.15pm. 2 persons broke into my house. Took everything away. Really took everything away, except my Crumpler bags, and Dad's desktop.

So... yea... I won't be blogging for quite some time. Take care.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Suck

Suppose to do a guide on buying your first DSLR. Wrote it, posted it, took it down. A blogger commented about it, saying it is wrong and misleading. After reading my post again, I agree.

Haha.. I suck at reviews and guides XD

Here are some pictures from the guide..

Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Zealand Natural

Just a random short short short post. New Zealand Natural had this promotion, giving out free ice creams to people whose years fall into a certain age category.

Went to Desa Parkcity for the ice cream. Btw, Desa Parkcity is a really nice place to live in. That would be my new home :) All I have to do is save RM 2mil for a nice condo unit in Desa Parkcity. I estimate.. that would take me... about... 30years? aih.. XD

Anyway, my next post is about how to choose your first dslr. A few asked me what to see in a camera this that. Yea.. so I'll be writing a short guide about it. Hope it helps :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

theStarOnline asked Zhao

Hahaha.. I look like a dork XD. Wth.. shy la when the camera was pointing at me. Come to think of it.. aih.. my comments about the movie were so lame.

Check out 5.15mins onwards :P

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Star Trek Premiere

Awesome movie! Really love it. In my opinion, best star trek movie to date. You guys should watch it when it comes out next week.

Thanks All Malaysian Bloggers, theStar Online and Louis Yap for the invite.

Met many nuffnangers there. There was Diese with the premiere ticket right on top, GreenTeaBern doing the V sign (I can't do that sign XD), Diese with Joshuaongys, and Flyguy with Hitomi holding the cameras.

There were many activities for us to participate, from Ice Breaking to Treasure Hunting to Star Trek Trivia. Had fun doing the Treasure Hunt (though my team lost). We get to know 1Utama better, especially where Mr Baoz is.

Overall, nice Labour Day event :) Met new friends too. Once again, the movie was 5/5. Haha. Maybe cuz I'm a SciFi movie fan XD

And, I couldn't take John Cho's acting seriously XD. He was the same actor (Harold) in the Harold and Kumar movies. Hahaha.