Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Extra channels

The moment of truth....

And we have extra channels!! Woooo...

But i dont even know which channel is which.. mana Cartoon Network arr..
And~~ i dont have time to watch tv T_T plus.. i dont watch tv :S


Recently, feeling down.. no reason.. why why why..
Climbed hard to make myself feel better also no use..
Hmmm.. looks like i have to open to bible (i do admit, i dont read the bible much).

To those out there, are you feeling down too? Come, and share your doubts, thoughts, problems with me.. haha.. then we can talk talk and maybe, we can cheer each other up ;)
Anytime, anywhere~

Here, show u a pic of good food:

God bless.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Is it true that you can solve the rubik's cube in 25 moves or less (for pro level)?

I can't solve the cube (even after 2407543 moves), really look up to those who can.. haha.. just a cube of colours, and it was the source of entertainment in the class today.... besides the handphones, newspaper, daydreams..


Just read a superb blog (cannot disclose any other details cuz of certain reasons), but the way he writes, WOW.. i mean, he can really put thoughts and pictures into words, a splendid writer..and he is only Form 3. *must learn from him XD*

Trying my best to improve my english. I know my english is extremely poor, grammar below par, limited vocabulary.. and english is my main language (or my only one).

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. sexy meh? *thinks about all the miniskirts and hotpants etc seen commonly in colleges*

And.. i'm hungry.. *i need to stop calling mcd*

God bless :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I smell durian

Woke up at 6.45am, "oh no, i'm going to be late..!!",

quickly brushed my teeth (sorry if i had bad breath),

took my own sweet time bathing (enjoying the nice warm water, dont care if late or not),

then rushed through traffic (sorry road users),

turned my car into the nearest carpark,

walked super fast to the LT (cuz kevin asked to book seats),

opened the door............

It was 7.46am.... (class starts at 8am)


Lunch was great at Zanmai Sushi..

Thanks sara for sharing the knowledge :)

To those out there, having exams and completing assignments, all the best to you~! will pray for you guys :)

*bout the half sushi thing ar.. each time you view/visit this blog, you are NOT entitled to half a sushi for each visit. 20 visits = 10 sushis = no deal *

God bless :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sound mind

Another photo shoot.. this time by hyii.

I'm not good with captions, will improve on that..
Basically, the story is about the pink smiley triumphing over the blue teddy..


Law.... is a butt-numb-from-sitting-down-too-long subject. Oh.. begitu banyak nama untuk ingat. Alamak..

Nash V Inman
Victoria Laundry V Newman Industries
The Sales of Goods Act 1957
Company Law
Human Rights
Lord Denning
House of Lords
blah blah blah

hmmmm.. i need a House of Soft Pillows and Ice Cream. My poor head..

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Promoting this good yogurt ice cream shop in Ikano..
It's really tasty.. and you get to choose assorted fruit toppings..
PLUS, it has a low GI of 19.. healthy indulgence..

And you get to see the new Mazda 6 in front of the shop~~ wooo

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Photo shoot of teddy by Myii..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And he is BACK!

After a long break from the world of blogging, zhao is finally back..
Thank you all for still sticking and reading this blog.. You know who you are :)
*rewards every loyal reader with half a sushi*

It has been a very tiring month. So much work~~ but life goes on.
I want to eat ice cream! and go for a nice long body massage...

I want this drink now! it's so hot these days.. rain, where are you?? pls rain when i'm not walking in the open, and rain when i'm about to sleep, and rain when we need rain..


Went to the KL Bird Park recently, took plenty of pics (about 300++) and only a handful were sharp..the rest......... all........ blur.... T_T

And these myii and hyii burst into laugther when viewing my pics.. "zhao, why all so blur wan.. " T_T


Argghh.. i dunno how to blog di.
This is bad.
It'll all come back to me soon. I hope..

Anyway, thank you myii for the pics and hyii for the laughter.. If you really want to read good blogs, check theirs :)

God bless.