Sunday, August 31, 2008


Happy Merdeka, people of Malaysia~!! Lets all be nice to each other, smile at each other, say "Good job!" to the person next to you.

Random notes: Putrajaya's climbing gym is seriously huge. Nikon D90 is out. My chin is itchy. Cacat Finger chopped off a part of her finger and fainted. There is holiday tmr. A toothbrush is a very useful tool to clean your teeth.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lets fly away

Ticket to Redang please.

Or Perhentian, or Langkawi, or somewhere other than Sunway Uni..

Aih.. Progress Test. Just a test. Nothing great about it.. but currently feeling so helpless and totally hopeless. *slumps on the floor and stares blankly into space*

Need... to.... study.... T_T

Jo-anne and Chin Ping came down from Johor for the weekend. Had great fun. Played monopoly. Wah..this sao lee owning with regent street.

Lets meet up again people :) Oh, and a side info. If you walk really fast from Bank Negara to Pudu Bus Station, you can reach there in 15mins.

So sorry for making you guys walk that day. The sunday jam was just horrible. Will treat you guys half a sushi~

God bless :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I smell

Class started at 8am.. about 30mins later, there was this sweet smell, like someone using apple smell perfume.. asked my friend bout it, and both of us started smelling around.

Then I suddenly thought that.. maybe... the apple smell was actually fart. Better stop smelling. *shudders*

Later on, i bought coffee from the vending machine. And the coffee smelled like durian. Serious~! I guess the apple smell earlier on messed up my nose.

Towards the end of the class, confirmed.. someone farted. =_= aih.. looked around to see who was looking a bit uncomfortable (the person sure feel shy cuz farted super smelly), but everyone around me looked serious and concentrating in class.

Not bad ar the farter, pro in concealing his evil deed.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I dreamt that i was in camp5. I left my crocs at the locker area. When i returned to take my crocs, all the jibbitz were GONE!

Woke up immediately. haha.. The dream was so real and vivid, for a moment i really thought that someone actually stole my jibbitz.. They are not cheap k.. costing around rm8 to rm10 per jibbitz.


Oooo.. the day was so cooling. Yeah! *rock on*
Great weather.. just a little wet.. clothes can't dry fast enough~

But it's cooling. That's all that matters. Can sleep well at night :)

God bless.

Monday, August 18, 2008

we love rain

It rained~! YAY XD and gosh, it was a sweet cooling day. The nights before were really hot.. arghh.. cant sleep well. But tonight... :))))

And speaking of cant sleep well, it seems that i cannot have a good night rest every sunday night. For the past 3 sunday nights, i would be drifting in and out of sleep, and i have an 8am class on monday T_T.

I wonder why.

God bless :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We have a special guest

Lets give it up forrrrr~~~


haha.. just to surprise him. Thanks willy for the pic.

AND.. i got 7th place in Summit's Rock Climbing Comp 2008. haha.. quite good ok. It was Open Category, and getting top 10 was not easy. Thanks to all my rock climbing friends who trained me, giving me tips this that.. and to willy and kevin for coming to the comp. Had a really fun time there.

For that.. i let you guys see a pic of me~! weee~

God bless :)

Monday, August 04, 2008


The song Sempurna by Andra and the Tulang Belakang is wah..nice song. :P

Tmr got taxation test T_T why why why~~ T_T aih.. Actually, i find taxation fun. *shrugs* beats law paper anytime.


Classes from 8am till 6pm four days in a row!





God bless.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Zhao, are you there?

Yes yes.. i know i should have updated the blog a looong time ago.
Was sick for a couple of weeks - not really an excuse for not blogging.. but i always like to post pics in my posts.

Thanks for the visit guys :) Thanks for the note and for the starbucks meal. and i DIDN'T pee on the bed!

Summit ROXX Climbing Competition - 10th Aug.. argghhh..why so soon~~~
No time to train T_T dont want to be last.

All the best to me. haha.

And, why do they have to make a thick layer of froth for the coffee they serve at starbucks, coffee bean, etc.. With that thick layer of froth, you cant feel the heat of the coffee properly (you know, test test the heat power of the coffee with the tip of your lips/tongue).

It'll be "why this layer of froth so thick wannn~" then get impatient, putting your lips faster through the froth, your lips suddenly touch the super hot coffee, then start cursing the coffee, and repeat process.