Thursday, November 08, 2007

I shall blog a bit about my sunway uni.

This is at the magazine section in the uni bookstore. It's like 10 women's magazines to 1 men's magazine.. why??? haih. And i'm not gay ok.. i just want more guy magazines such as car magazines or some tech magazines.

A couple of amusing posters that can be found in one of my classrooms..

And i'm so used to flat screens when dealing with computers; my laptop (14.1 inches), hafriz huge laptop (17 inches), my dad's LCD screen (20 inches), nottingham's com labs, shaun's gigantic LCD tv, etc..
SO, i'm quite surprise to how small the com monitors used to look like a few years ago..

Haha.. look at the difference..

Eventhough the screens' resolutions are different, all of us are accustomed to bigger viewing area with smaller prints and more info, compared to smaller viewing area with bigger prints and less info..

Imagine playing com games with the older monitors.

"why so small wan!! how to see.. where is everything..!!! arghhh"

Well, at least, that's how i would feel.

Hmmm... times have really change.. ^_^

God bless.

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