Monday, November 19, 2007

Yesterday, i went for an outdoor climbing trip at a place at Batu Caves called Nyamuk. And people don't simply name that place for fun.


They are big, bold and extremely hungry.. we climbers found a small dead cat at the bottom of some tiny cave. Maybe the mosquitoes were having a game and decided to see how much they can suck..and the poor cat happened to pass by.

These mosquitoes also don't mind dying. You can just easily kill them while they are sucking, and another swarm will attack very soon.

However, we set up like a resting spot and put all the mosquitoe coils around and used the available insect repellants.. soon, the pesky insects stopped bothering us.

Firstly, we had to trek a bit to the wall as there is no direct path to it. We started climbing at about 11am..climbed till like 2pm when it started to rain.. and we cant simply run for shelter as we have to coil the rope, pick up all the rubbish, find this and that and like i said, there is no proper path to use.. soon most of us were drenched..

After the rain stopped, we had to trek down to come out of the jungle.

GG. The rain washed off the mosquitoe repellants.. WAH!!! and they attacked us again.. T_T

What a day....

God bless.

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