Monday, August 25, 2008

Lets fly away

Ticket to Redang please.

Or Perhentian, or Langkawi, or somewhere other than Sunway Uni..

Aih.. Progress Test. Just a test. Nothing great about it.. but currently feeling so helpless and totally hopeless. *slumps on the floor and stares blankly into space*

Need... to.... study.... T_T

Jo-anne and Chin Ping came down from Johor for the weekend. Had great fun. Played monopoly. Wah..this sao lee owning with regent street.

Lets meet up again people :) Oh, and a side info. If you walk really fast from Bank Negara to Pudu Bus Station, you can reach there in 15mins.

So sorry for making you guys walk that day. The sunday jam was just horrible. Will treat you guys half a sushi~

God bless :)

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