Saturday, August 02, 2008

Zhao, are you there?

Yes yes.. i know i should have updated the blog a looong time ago.
Was sick for a couple of weeks - not really an excuse for not blogging.. but i always like to post pics in my posts.

Thanks for the visit guys :) Thanks for the note and for the starbucks meal. and i DIDN'T pee on the bed!

Summit ROXX Climbing Competition - 10th Aug.. argghhh..why so soon~~~
No time to train T_T dont want to be last.

All the best to me. haha.

And, why do they have to make a thick layer of froth for the coffee they serve at starbucks, coffee bean, etc.. With that thick layer of froth, you cant feel the heat of the coffee properly (you know, test test the heat power of the coffee with the tip of your lips/tongue).

It'll be "why this layer of froth so thick wannn~" then get impatient, putting your lips faster through the froth, your lips suddenly touch the super hot coffee, then start cursing the coffee, and repeat process.

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