Thursday, September 25, 2008

Langkawi [ part 2 ]

Langkawi was fun. A short trip, but fun. Played lots of beach sports, mainly frisbee and soccer.

Threw the frisbee from one end of the field to the teammate on the other end with high precison and accuracy, and shirley said that was the most awesome shot ever. Whahahahaahah.

Wai ken, standing 2 meters away from me, threw the frisbee and hit my head. Wai Ken = Super Noob. ( I was his teammate =.= )

Anyway, here are some pics.

Telaga Tujuh was great~! haha. The water was cold. The light was just nice to take pics.
Surprisingly, I didnt see any monkeys around. The last time i was at telaga tujuh 2 years ago, we had to be wary of those cheeky monkeys stealing stuffs from our bags.

Played a couple of drinking games on the 1st night. JD with water sucks big time.

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