Friday, September 26, 2008

We shall persevere

*ring ring*
zhao: Yo.

Shaun: Tmr free mou?

zhao: I have classes till 9.30pm........

Shaun: Serious?..... walau..

It's not right la.. to have classes from 11.30am till 9.30pm. Just not right. T_T

Aih.. level of concentration drops greatly.. students begging the lecturer to let them go.. one cup of coffee is never enough.

Anyway, went to williams recently.
The conversation went like this:

Ada apa sedap?
Boss: Semua pun sedap. Tak sedap tak jual.
Okok.. erm.. ada apa yang popular?
Boss: Semua pun popular. Tak popular tak jual.

And the maggi goreng tak sedap pun.. tapi masih jual. *shakes head* haha.

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felicity said...

haha... that is Williams standard phrase...