Friday, May 23, 2008


Is it true that you can solve the rubik's cube in 25 moves or less (for pro level)?

I can't solve the cube (even after 2407543 moves), really look up to those who can.. haha.. just a cube of colours, and it was the source of entertainment in the class today.... besides the handphones, newspaper, daydreams..


Just read a superb blog (cannot disclose any other details cuz of certain reasons), but the way he writes, WOW.. i mean, he can really put thoughts and pictures into words, a splendid writer..and he is only Form 3. *must learn from him XD*

Trying my best to improve my english. I know my english is extremely poor, grammar below par, limited vocabulary.. and english is my main language (or my only one).

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............. sexy meh? *thinks about all the miniskirts and hotpants etc seen commonly in colleges*

And.. i'm hungry.. *i need to stop calling mcd*

God bless :)


kazin said...

hey just wanted to show u my friend's blog,thought u might be interested:

You can see the pictures in his blog has "feelings".. but recently his blog pictures aren't so nice as last time. so u might wanna see the older posts. like around mid 2007 , cant remember exactly where are the nice shots.

didnt wanna post in ur chatterbox, dun wanna publicize other blogs at ur blog.. haha.. not much ppl read comments wan rite..........

zhao said...

haha.. hmmmm.. i will check it out.

Some ppl do read the comments.

Tzy Wen said...

yes, you can solve a rubiks cube in 25 moves or less no matter how you scramble it. see:'s_Cube

but for us humans, normally it takes about 70-90 moves