Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sound mind

Another photo shoot.. this time by hyii.

I'm not good with captions, will improve on that..
Basically, the story is about the pink smiley triumphing over the blue teddy..


Law.... is a butt-numb-from-sitting-down-too-long subject. Oh.. begitu banyak nama untuk ingat. Alamak..

Nash V Inman
Victoria Laundry V Newman Industries
The Sales of Goods Act 1957
Company Law
Human Rights
Lord Denning
House of Lords
blah blah blah

hmmmm.. i need a House of Soft Pillows and Ice Cream. My poor head..


mei yii said...

Hyii told me the story...

Yours too short la. Haha.

zhao said...

haha.. kk, will write a longer story next time..

This calls for another photo shoot :P