Sunday, May 11, 2008

And he is BACK!

After a long break from the world of blogging, zhao is finally back..
Thank you all for still sticking and reading this blog.. You know who you are :)
*rewards every loyal reader with half a sushi*

It has been a very tiring month. So much work~~ but life goes on.
I want to eat ice cream! and go for a nice long body massage...

I want this drink now! it's so hot these days.. rain, where are you?? pls rain when i'm not walking in the open, and rain when i'm about to sleep, and rain when we need rain..


Went to the KL Bird Park recently, took plenty of pics (about 300++) and only a handful were sharp..the rest......... all........ blur.... T_T

And these myii and hyii burst into laugther when viewing my pics.. "zhao, why all so blur wan.. " T_T


Argghh.. i dunno how to blog di.
This is bad.
It'll all come back to me soon. I hope..

Anyway, thank you myii for the pics and hyii for the laughter.. If you really want to read good blogs, check theirs :)

God bless.


mei yii said...

Sorry laaa~
Won't laugh next time.

zhao said...

all the inner hurts~~ T_T

haahahah.. kidding only la.. :)