Saturday, October 20, 2007

I got myself a new phone!! muahahahahaha..

The Motorola W220. Some may think "what the hell, zhao got another new phone =.=" ... what happened to his super chun dopod phone.."

Haha..the W220 is like Motorola's version of Nokia's 3310 (if u people rmb that ancient hardy brick phone).
The W220 features:

  1. no camera

  2. no bluetooth

  3. no infrared

  4. no memory card extension

  5. super suck ringtones,sms tones, basically anything that can be used to make noise

  6. cannot use mp3 as ringtone

  7. only 500kb space

  8. super sleek look

  9. according to yen tink, you can type sms faster than the phone can handle

  10. so small that i thought i lost my phone when it's in my pocket (too used to huge phones)

  11. the speaker is directly below that flat based phone, so imagine picking up the phone on a table when it's ringing, like a sudden boom of noise

  12. the price is less than 1/10 of my current Dopod

The reason i bought the phone is to use it as a dispensible phone. Meaning, i use it when i'm out for sports etc.. too risky to use the Dopod cuz it's too expensive, and i will not always be looking out for my phone..

*wah, the Dopod camera suck at close ugly blur pics.

And i'm hooked on Mika's album... so funky.. haha

Lastly, i have a lame iritating, annoying, and stupid neck ache!! haih.. slapping on Salonplas very often..

God bless. =)

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