Thursday, October 04, 2007

Went to pyramid 2 today.. was cool. Very new place. But the interior design is superb. Kinda make the RM550 million extension worth it. Cuz the building is quite big now, though i think it's still smaller than 1utama, but there are a lot of nice shops now in pyramid 2.

And this was the 1st shop i saw when i entered the building:

Cool. =)

Then you'll notice that there are 2 domes in pyramid 2, one blue and one orange and the walls around those domes are of the same colour. Can feel the different atmospheres as you walk from one dome to the other.

Orange dome, even the design and deco around this dome is so orangy, feels like it is full of energy.

Blue dome, a cooler and more soothing atmosphere compared to the orange bro.

Besides that, around 80% of the shops are under construction and remodelling works. The place smells of new paint and all that.

note: ppl were like "wat is this dude doin la.. looking up and taking photos."

And i'm sure you ppl notice that when u see someone looking up, the ppl around that person tend to look up too.. haha. so when i looked up to take photo, the ppl around me were like looking up too..then they are like wondering, what is up there that is worth taking photo la.. then they will be trying to find something up there that isn't there..

God bless.

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