Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Motorola W220................ IMPOSSIBLE to sms!!!! walau...

It took me 20 mins to try to sms...in the end gave up and just called..
*i'm a super pro nokia and sony ericsson user. capable of typing blazing fast..

That aside, went to Tony Roma's again.. stim food la..

Fried Mushrooms. Very nice and bountiful.

The Bountiful Beef Ribs. Very nice too.

This came along with the Bountiful Beef Ribs. All the face features are of different sauses.

The sauses that were used to outline the face.

Went around Pyramind 2 again, and many of the shops are still closed for renovations. Plus, the map directory is quite annoying, especailly when you are rushing to find a place. (the map is an LCD screen)


1st, you try to find the shop location on the map.. for example, G064.. so you would look at the map, trying to find where shoplot G064 is..

Then, as you are still looking, the map suddenly changed into an advertisement. ARGGGHhhhh..

Lame!! Then have to wait for quite a while, then it'll resume back to the map.. then you'll be like "errr.. where were we just now.." then you have to start all over again..

God bless.

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