Monday, October 15, 2007

Went to The Gardens today, i'm not sure if it's the expansion of midvalley, or a new separate shopping mall by itself..

Well, the interior design is way cooler than Pyramid 2.. the railing are like wood and glass, not the usual metal and glass combination.. the ceiling is like whoa..

Didn't take any pics cuz of the many ppl walking around me..

And The Gardens was super packed (judging from the super long time we took to find carpark), and the carpark was flooded too... haih.. Some ppl may think that just because it's raya, the place will be empty, but no no.. all the chinese swarm out like flies to all the malls... *shakes head* haha.. dunno if i'm included in that swarm.

I want a Nikon D40..

I want an Oakley Juliet..

I want a pair of Crocs Outdoor..

I want a nice shirt for rock climbing..

I'm just too greedy.. haih.. must change that.

God bless.

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