Sunday, March 02, 2008

Yo people..

Sorry for not blogging for a long time. As usual, wanted to change the template, but then, too hard..haih.
After spending a couple of hours trying to create one, i gave up.. will continue some other time.. *morale at the lowest level*

and.. WHY must the sunway pingpong table always occupied? at all times..

and.. why is this game so hard...

and.. look at my cool work on the whiteboard. haha..

*actually, the lecturer was lazy to write the answer, so took my script, looked at it, complimented it, then asked me to write it on the board..*
i feel like so being used..

and.. because the answer was so good (whahahaahha), some classmates went up and took pics of it..

So far, life in uni is great.. having so hardworking classmates really pumps up the pressure.. BUT, it's all a healthy dose of stress.. haha *must think positively*

God bless :)


mei yii said...

Haha! You play carom? :P
We have a carom table at home, but no seeds...

Sh@Un said...

Zhao got a lot of seeds - ask him to go over and spread la.. hehe

zhao said...

lame shaun...

carom is such a hard game.. we took like 10 mins before we could score the 1st point.. haih

mei yii said...


Oh, I couldn't play it at all. So painful. -_-"

Sh@Un said...

Haha - :P

Go train Carom Zhao! When I go back to Msia - I challenge you to a game.

Losers buy Starbucks! Hehe

$ª○ £éê~** said...

lol....i challenge zhao 1 game oso :D loser treat 1 meal

zhao said...

walau... looks like you all have been playing carom a lot..


sure lose la.. haha

what happened to table tennis? i challenge you guys that..

$ª○ £éê~** said...

lolz...nopes...didnt play carrom here la...LOL... this term too busy already,didn't really play table tennis also @_@ need practise again liaw when free,haha..

Sh@Un said...

Table tennis? challenge la..
I don't need practise to beat you.. hehe