Saturday, March 29, 2008

The power

Do you feel it?? haha

I felt it.. in church.

Had a rather troubling week. But after church today, it looks like everything's gonna be just fine :)

Thanks to my friends who comforted me, directly and indirectly.haha. Will buy you guys half a sushi.

And.. my class was chosen to be the model classroom for an ad for sunway acca.
Too bad i'm not in it..haha..was sitting at the side.

My friend had to raise her hand and pretend to ask questions. all the acting. aih..

Well, in my humble opinion, sunway acca is all good. (not promoting)

God bless :)

1 comment:

mei yii said...

Maybe they asked you to sit at the side so that you won't be blocking everything else.