Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Received this yesterday... :)

Came back from climbing, and saw this letter on the cabinet..
"a letter for me... woooo.. nice, and it's not from ACCA.."
"who would send me a letter ar..why the handwriting like a bit familiar wan.."

Malaysia's stamp wo..
"aik, not from overseas.. hmmmm.. i wonder who.." :)

Would you like to see what's inside..

Haha.. this letter really made my day..
Thanks mei yii and hui yii. :))))
It was so unexpected, cuz i saw you girls just hours before.. wah wah.. feeling very important..haha

Now thinking "wah.. GG.. they wrote so much, how to reply back la.."
No worries, will reply back one day.. :)


(i went through so much trouble just to take pics of the letter T_T haih..)

God bless :)


mei yii said...

We're so nice right. XD

Why didn't you take pics of hyii's drawing also. Hahaha! I didn't get to see it......... T_T

zhao said...


will post a pic of her drawings in the next post.. :)

mei yii said...

Haha! (better ask whether she minds or not) ... after she becomes tooooooooooooo famous. XD

huiyii said...

wah wah, just read ur post. :P haha. aiyoh, wanna post pics of my drawings mehh.. shy shy leh, everybody oso can see my nice drawings.. :P hahahaha! so nice of us to send u letter hor.. *cough*sushi/cj/icecream/movie/rockclimbingmembership*cough*. Not bad ar my cough, so long wan. HAHAHA

zhao said...

wahh...such a bad cough..

hmmm...must get you one year supply of strepsils..haha

mei yii said...

Eh eh, don't have to get her one year supply of strepils. One year of ice-cream also can la, sooth the throat ma.


huiyii said...

yahyah, one year's supply of ice cream is better. dint you learn that in ACCA? :P hahahahaha!

zhao said...

i dont think so~ hahahaa

i must learn to cough way longer la. :)