Monday, March 24, 2008

The first title of the blog

Some ppl can just draw very well..

I wish i can draw too..

But i can't T_T

But i'm a lefty.. and i still can't draw.. oh well..

Cool art by mister Willy.. classmate of mine.

A feeble attempt by another classmate..

And in my opinion, the new Sunway Pyramid is many improvements.
Great toilet, sweet J Co, and the carpark green light thingy is just so funny.. cuz when the carpark is full, and as soon the red light change to green, ALL the cars rush to that light.. hahaha..

All the ice are gone~~ no more skating.. till they are done cleaning.

Random pic (it was hard trying to take this pic without him noticing):

Shopping spree !! There were like 20 bags of goodies there.. with the rest of the family in Esprit looking all so excited.. haha

God bless :)


mei yii said...


Wah wah, you have titles d ah. :P

zhao said...

my title is so.. boring la..

need more practice :P

huiyii said...

you noe what..... i just realised that ur blog posts have no title.. until u said first title, and myii mentioned that u had no titles.... hahaha. Yah yah, u can put ur 2nd title as "zhao the aerobic dancer" woo woo :P