Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Didnt blog for a week di. Will post something later today (now it's 1am).

The past few days were...fuyoooh.. busy busy busy.

Anyway, we ACCA students are having holidays now~~~ HOORAY

We only have 2 weeks of hols~~~ BOO

Got myself a nice Crumpler Beer Back bag~~~ HOORAY

Played Magic the Gathering with the camp5 marshal, and lost badly~~~ BOO

Did heavy workout and climbing few hours ago~~~ HOORAY

Someone is singing very loudly behind my house~~~ BOO

They gave extra ice cream for the ice cream toast in Kopitiam~~~ HOORAY

My room is in a mess~~~ BOO

HAhaha.. you should check out myii's blog. Great blogger. Can even blog about pee~! Almost 200 words on PEE~ hahaha.

Must learn her secrets of good blogging and writing.

God bless :)


mei yii said...

Eh, got 200 words meh.
Hahaha! *faint*
Including all the nonsense like "ah", "hmm", "la", "gwaaarsh" is it?

Aih, I wanna climb too. T_T *stress cos cannot climb*

zhao said...

haha.. yea. Almost 200 words. Selected the paragraphs, copied it to Word, did the word count.
(i think there's a shortcut for word count, but dunno how to do)

Eh, dont stress. Can climb soon! Just 2 more papers. You can do it. YEAH!!