Sunday, June 08, 2008

I see blood

I'm a really really clumsy climber.. There are several battle scars all over my arms and legs..aih.
And i left a bloody stain on camp5 lead climbing wall today.. a long bloody stain.. that will stay there forever~ (since camp5 can't wash the walls).


Hmmm.. my facial hair (i mean mustache & beard only, not any other hair on the face) grow freaking fast T_T
Forget to shave for the day, and the following day, i can almost have a goatee..

And why do cats love to sit in the middle of the road, and like to dash across an oncoming car..

Oh fearless cats..wanna test your reflexes and speed ar.. and test the patience of the drivers.. tsk tsk.
Go do something more useful and better by hunting those fat rats laaaaa...

God bless :)


mei yii said...


So funny the beard got cockroach... Aiyerrr. I bet you've not been cleaning your room.

zhao said...

wahh..just bang the cat.. and i really did (unintentionally) T_T

Aih.. i was resting my head on the table when the cockroach decided to live in my beard "hey, this looks like a comfortable place to settle down, got bits of food occasionally and lots of hair to play hide and seek. Lets breed in it too."