Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Money money money

Was browsing through the internet to find out bout the salaries of the jobs in malaysia. I was using the salary calculator from salaryexpert.com (i dont think it's accurate). And.... here are some interesting facts (based on average monthly pay):

Pay: RM 8600

Not bad laaa.. quite decent pay, for all the effort of getting those qualifications to become an accountant.

Teacher Secondary School
Pay: RM 7877

Pay: RM 8734

WTH!!! the accountant and professor earn only rm1000~ more than the teacher in secondary school. After all that PhD and Professional papers.. T_T

Cab Driver
Pay: RM 4219

Van Driver
Pay: RM 4048

Bus Driver
Pay: RM 5511

Truck Driver
Pay: RM 6661

Among all drivers.. looks like the truck driver earns the most. THEN, WHY DO YOU GUYS DRIVE SO FAST AND CRAZY ON THE HIGHWAY!! Earn more than the others, chill la..and drive slower.. i'm sure all the road users prefer that the truck is slow than scary fast.

Pay: RM 20062

wah.. a lot of money leh..for checking teeth and pulling them out and hearing muffled screams..

Pay: RM 81732

WOW! $$$$ haha. Very risky and professional job. And well rewarded.

Envelope Cutter
Pay: RM 5172

I didnt know there is such a job..

Pay: RM 7506

Erm.. saw this in the salary calculator. A juvenile is a minor, in law terms, means that the person is not of the age of majority (18 years). And if you trust this calculator, it shows that a student straight after form5 is capable of earning rm7000++ haha..ok.

They say, after we completed our ACCA, for the first 3 years, the average income is RM2000 - RM2200.. much much muuuuch lower than the one indicated by the salary calculator. oh well..

God bless :)


lingghezhi said...

ACCA oso not bad after a few years. :)

zhao said...


but have to work hard to survive :)

mei yii said...

I don't think this applies in M'sia......

zhao said...

i blame the calculator..