Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lift in 1 Utama

I see it 90% of the time. What happens when people enter the lift.
Maybe the people just happen to do "it" only when i'm in the lift. *shrugs*

Share your thoughts/experiences/comments - maybe you do it yourself, cuz i know i do it too.HAha.

Black lines: Lift
Red lines: The buttons in the lift
Brown lines: Path of the person entering the lift
Orange dots: People

We turn to the left to press the button.

Even when the lift is crowded with people on the right (top view), we still try hard to turn to the left to press the button, we must squeeze and push ourselves and wrestle with the people in the lift to press the right side button panel of the lift.

Ok, maybe not wrestling or pushing people. But the first thing we do when we enter is to turn to the left.

Hmmmm.. or is it turn to the right? *confused now*
Haha...feeling so tired's almost 1am. Not thinking straight.

Oh well..

Who wanna watch movie with me?? :P

God bless :)

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