Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Zealand Natural

Just a random short short short post. New Zealand Natural had this promotion, giving out free ice creams to people whose years fall into a certain age category.

Went to Desa Parkcity for the ice cream. Btw, Desa Parkcity is a really nice place to live in. That would be my new home :) All I have to do is save RM 2mil for a nice condo unit in Desa Parkcity. I estimate.. that would take me... about... 30years? aih.. XD

Anyway, my next post is about how to choose your first dslr. A few asked me what to see in a camera this that. Yea.. so I'll be writing a short guide about it. Hope it helps :)


mei yii said...

Greeeeeeen teeeeeaaaaaa iceeeeeeee creeeaaaaammmmm..........

zhao said...

I... diiiiiiidn't..... orrrrdddeerrrr.. thaaaaat.... XD