Sunday, May 03, 2009

theStarOnline asked Zhao

Hahaha.. I look like a dork XD. Wth.. shy la when the camera was pointing at me. Come to think of it.. aih.. my comments about the movie were so lame.

Check out 5.15mins onwards :P


Kuntong said...

wah...famous liao..haha

CWKen said...

ROFLMAO!!! sriously u damn joker wei wtf HAHAHAHAHA

"nono I can't do that..", takes out hand and attempted to do sign but failed miserably ROFL!!

zhao said...

Hehe.. not famous la. They asked everyone about the movie XD

Hahahahaha! XD i dunno how ppl can do that sign. aih. I no skill.

felicity said...

Warh..... hahahaha.... u look so cute during that interview... especially then ending....

angeliCassie said...

haha you are awesome la!so did you watch 3 times in the cinema?hehe

zhao said...

Hahahaa.. so malu la XD everyone seems to be able to do that V sign. I feel so... left out.

Wah.. thanks thanks XD To date, I've watched it twice.