Monday, May 18, 2009

Everything. All. Gone.

17th May 2009. 9.15pm to 10.15pm. 2 persons broke into my house. Took everything away. Really took everything away, except my Crumpler bags, and Dad's desktop.

So... yea... I won't be blogging for quite some time. Take care.


Sh@Un said...

Sorry to hear dude
Least no one got hurt.. Cheer up man
I'll buy you a keychain la, how does that sound? Lol
See tho good at cod4? That sounds like a challenge though I'm not coming back anytime soon unfortunately..

CWKen said...

seriously if I'm you I confirm mengamuk and if I find the thieves, I'll kill them LOL seriously sorry to hear that man, and thanks a lot for coming to my aid last night =)

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk???

pls take care. where were u when it happened?

mchllchn said...

I'm very sorry to hear about it Zhao. :/

Kim Hong said...


Sorry to hear that man! Hope everything's fine......

Take Care!

Jieqiang said...

so sorry to hear that..i borrow u my camera whenever u need la =)

$ª○ £éê~** said...

yikes.. sorry to hear about it..
how did everything happen?

CWKen said...

wah jieqiang offer sia haha yea you can borrow mine as well if u want to, it was urs anyways lol jus dun expect iso performance from our camera la lol jq got super complete kit though =.= ish jealous

zhao said...

Lol. Thanks for the support. Aiya.. thought we can play cod4 again. Nvm la. Hope all is well in london.

Hey. No problem. Glad that you're still alive man.

Haha.. yea.. the D90 is gone. My whole family was out for dinner when it happened.

Thanks for the concern.

Kim Hong:
Yea. At least everyone was not hurt. You take care too man :)

LOL. haha. Thanks. XD

Was out for dinner when it happened. Within one hour, they pulled off the back window grill, entered into the house, and.. GG.

Hahahah.. thanks thanks. It's ok la. Eh.. your cam is good ok. Yup.. I heard of his super camera gear. I pun jealous.

$ª○ £éê~** said...

wah..1 hour... swt..

i thought your camera always with you wan no matter where you go..

but oh well,gladly no one was hurt.. cheer up la,can do nothing i guess.. things like this happen.. my bro was robbed around a week ago also.. laptop,pda phone,money all gone.. sigh..

Jolene said...

omg zhao i feel so sorry for you =( especially cos ur so nice and bad things shouldnt happen to nice people! =(

do take care and God bless

Jackie Loi said...

sorry to hear tat zhao..pls take care and glad no one hurt

HitoMi^^ said...

zhao, it is really a heartache thing to happen.

have to say the thieves are real clever. if i were you, I will really kick them brutally.

really damn it.

But at least no one is hurt, nowadays thieves would go any extent to get whatever they want.

zhao said...

Sorry to hear that about your bro. :(

Awww.. I'm not that nice la. XD thanks :) God bless.

Hey man. Thanks for the support. Appreciate it a lot :)

Yeaa.. I'm glad too that my family was not hurt. Thanks :)

Binn said...

omgoodness were u in da house???? glad to see u here to blog about this, but sad to know ur house got ransacked...

sometimes its inevitable ... they do target a particular family most of the time...

anyway, good to see you well and not hurt lar... physically though

pearly said...

hey zhao, haven't seen you in a while and the moment i looked at your blog, your hse got broken into?! OMG!!

but i'm glad you and your family are ok la. cheer up zhao!! wat goes around comes around ya.

see you around....if you're free. lol =)

Xjion89 said...

omg, tat was awful!
But, thanks goodness, u and ur family were not injured.

Last time, a thief cut my windows grill and stole my laptop in front of me while I was asleep. I knew how u feel.><

juz take care

from xjion89 a.k.a a passerby(^^)

zhao said...

thanks so much guys! you're the best :)