Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Blog Without Pictures

Gah. Finding it hard to blog without pictures.

Respect those who can write and write and write until blogger.com posts an error message saying 'You have reached the limit, please stop writing, it's boring, get a life.' Just kidding XD

Ok.. so lets start with these short stories/events/funny moments that happened not too long ago~~

Firstly, Sunway should really install those gigantic 7 Eleven airconds in their lifts. Gosh.. it can get really warm, especially when students would force their way into the lift as if they would suffer and rot if they took the stairs.

And if the lift says the max number of people it can take is 26 persons, dear Sunway Uni students would fit exactly 26 students into that lift.


Went to KFC and accidentally said to the lady cashier "Spicy breast ada tak?"


I don't understand why some drivers need 2 lanes to turn into the biggest junction. They are not driving fast, not driving a truck, or making a u-turn. Yet they must take up 2 lanes to turn left. Amazing noob.


Guys, ever tried taking your dslr with long zoom lens to the poolside with lots of people? Haha.

All I could imagine is that,
old ladies would act shy-shy while looking at you,
old men would cover their beer belly with a towel,
buff guys would somehow harden their muscles and run their fingers through their hair while doing the light-reflects-off-the-disco ball pose from Transformers,
bikini-clad ladies would slowly pull their shoulder backwards while crossing their legs,
little kids would be completely oblivious to your presence,
and maybe some pool officers might drag you away for invasion of privacy.


My facial hair seems to be growing at an alarming rate O_O.


Hmmmm.. I'm hungry. Frozen durian is extremely yummy. You should try it.


I noticed more and more ladies in Sunway Uni are wearing hot pants these days. Thanks hot weather of Malaysia.


Is this blog post ok? XD

Cheers :)


CWKen said...

WTF you damn hell random wei LOL randomly and effingly lame wei LOL

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

hmmmm facial hair? chest hair armpit hair pubic hair leh?

Jacquelyn Ho said...

HAHAHA! I like this post!

spicy breast! ROFL! So how did the waitress react? :p

zhao said...

Lame meh? XD but what I wrote happened to me.

Only facial hair is growing very fast. I shall not comment on any other hair.

Hehe. She ar.. understood the implied meaning. XD which is, Hot and Spicy Chicken Breast :P

gregorule said...

LOLZ! I think so u missed ur camera alot...

yenniedoll said...

haha, facial hair???

got mea??

zhao said...

Yes I do :(

Got! haha.. next time when you see me, look closer XD

CWKen said...

whoa lame stuffs do happen on u lol n were u wif someone's camera at the swimming pool? lol n wat the hell ur doin dere? perverted bugger =.= lol