Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Fart King

Someone was climbing from 10am till 6pm yesterday. Had lunch at about 1pm. And since then, that someone farted non-stop. GG.

Seriously... that someone kept farting for hours O_O. Must be the otak-otak that person ate for lunch. And because there was so many people in the climbing gym, the only place that someone could fart was when he was up the wall.

So the main objective for the day was to climb up the wall, and fart. After farting, must shake the pants a bit to release the trapped fart. Then only yell down to the person below to lower you down. What a day for that someone O_O.


I attended Assunta's Literary Night 2009, and it was AWESOME. The plays were funny and the singings were fantastic XD. Cheers to Assunta :)

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