Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've Got a Feeling

Hennessy Artistry. What a night :)


flora said...

what feeling??

flora said...

brain quite dead d...its 4.50am..n i gotto wake up at 8..=/ spare me d thinking..

zhao said...

ooops.. accidentally deleted the previous comment.

You should go and sleep now! It's so late. I'll sms tmr k.

YULI said...

is that the song from black eyed piece??:)

zhao said...

Yes it is :) great song!

Jackie Loi said...

u got d feelng! WAKAKA

Hazel said...


the feeling. is it that feeling that builds up in a few months getting to know that someone new? the one that gives you butterfly flutters each time you meet? the random calls you'd make just to hear that voice? the anxiety that feels you when your phone doesn't beep? the touch you miss?

:D :D :D :D

you just love me don't you! :D woohoo!

oh well. if its that feeling, don't rush it or u might lose it. let it filllllll you inside. and out. get to know, understand, and nurture the feeling. love it :)


Hazel said...

the anxiety that FILLS =.= no my english is not that bad.

zhao said...

HAhahaha. I can feel your energy here!
I can imagine you creating havoc in the plane to australia, and as soon as you reach canbera, you'll yell "Hazel is back!!" XD
LOL. Thanks a lot for everything :)