Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Went out with a bunch of bloggers from nuffnang. Cool people :) Met up with them at mid valley. And.. I was the oldest there.. at 22 years old this year O_O.


Berjalan-jalan with Victoria (Vox), Angel (Angel Kein), Kai Chi (burningice), Jackie (jloi) and Jeffrey (forgot innit name).

Really busy with some stuff now, no time to link the bloggers (will do it next time), so I'll just post some pictures.

Nice outing guys. Sorry I was so quiet (from Vox's blog). Will talk more next time..hahaha. Lets have another one soon~~ :)


KTSA said...

oh! why is my face not here? cheh :)

zhao said...

haha..the other pics were all blur la T_T.
Next outing la.. take more pics k. XD

Jackie Loi said...

hey zhao, can send me all d pic to my email? =D

Jeffro said...

heyya Zhao! Jeffrey here! (innit name = josm88)

Oh cool shots.. nice.. =D We shall do it more often ei? ^^

Binn said...

alaar... tak ajak also~~~~ *crying*

zhao said...

ok. sure. will try to send it asap, cuz very busy these days. And each file is huge, plus streamyx in subang is bad.

hey man :) yes! lets have another outing soon~~

Haha.. will ajak next time k ;)

Voxy said...

yea!!!me see outing! me see invitation to me!!! fuahahahaha!!!*Self invites*

cheerios people!!!
*zhao busy businessman*