Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dead Rat and Junk Mails

A rat made its most painful and fatal mistake just now by entering my house. With a stick, it was smashed a few times by my dad.

And why is my junkmail filled with penis enhancement adverts..? With words like 'supersize your cock', 'feel secure', 'extend it'...

I wonder how would the female junkmails be.. maybe in words like supersize your breast or enlarge your hole O_O(I seriously have no idea).

Actually, I don't know how big do guys want their stuff to be. In my opinion, if it's too big, then errr.. the upper part of your pants would be bulging all the time. (I think it's kinda ugly). And it would be hard to zip your pants cuz... you know.... *arghh.. aside.. to.. zip.. pants..*

A friend introduced a new term to me.. leathery boobies. She said there were a lot of them in France.
Hmmmm..such a random post. I know.


Jolene said...

No actually girls get the same junk mails as guys.haha.or maybe its just me..

mei yii said...

Why would girls wanna "enlarge [their] hole[s]"?

zhao said...

Ahh.. so the only ads should be lame penis enhancement stuffs..

Mei Yii:
I dunno~~ It was just a guess. I really dunno about female junkmails.
But since jolene said that they all are the same ads, so.. there are no enchancement ads for females.

Voxy said...

@zhao:: lol~omfg! what was that??! lol~eh the rat so kecian la~and u still have time to snap pix of its death~@@*faints*

zhao'oh, death rat, i want to snap its pix*snapsnap*thx fer dying yea~'

lol roflmao!