Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Went berpicnic-picnic at the Bukit Jalil park a few days back. Though it was 10.30am by the time I arrived at the place (I know I'm late :P), it was still cooling. Nice place to lepak.

Check out the guy in white leh.. seriously ultra cool dude. By the way, rare pics of blogger. Better appreciate it XD.

Been training for rock climbing. I feel so fat for the past few weeks, everyday staring at com or sitting in class, or just sitting.. Now must focus and gain some mass and muscle.

Behold, the new zhao:


Voxy said...

il die if i see someone like that and now thats a bulging 'thing' lol~~xp

zhao said...

hahaha. you'll get a shock of your life rite..

"hey missy"
Victoria turns around and saw the body.
*faints on the spot* XD

mei yii said...

Haha... aiyer... that picture looks very familiar. XD that big bulgy guy.

zhao said...

XD i got the idea from~~~~ hui yii's post :) haha

Jeffro said...

OMG! You edited the same picture with i had edited months ago!! AWESOME MAN~

Jeffro said...

Look Look.. i found the url: