Sunday, May 06, 2007

Argghhhh... there is like a tiny voice inside my head saying " blog zhao.. juz blog".
Have to give credit to yeesan for making me blog.. why must i sign up for that tabulas account... haihz..

Anyway, today's topic is what i want in 10 years time.


The super cool car, Mazda RX-8 (everyone knows that)...


Sony Vaio SZ.. 1.69kg, 13.3 inch screen, nVidia 7400.. nice specs for a whooping RM8k.. haihz..


Superb Bose sound system... confirm stim when watching movie.. (dont think dirty).


Hehe.. Oakley Titanium Whiskers... with polarised lenses.. uber cool.


The Apple iPhone.. everyone wants it..

Actually, i want many more stuffs... but a bit discouraged when i calculated the total cash i need to buy the 5 items.

RX-8 = around RM250k
Sony Vaio = RM8k
Bose = RM10k plus plus
Oakley shades = RM1.2k
iPhone = i think it costs RM3.5k or more..

SO MUCH MONEY!! But, one day.. i shall get it.. muahahahahahahaha....

*dream on...*


Jieqiang said...

you forgot about Nikon DSLR D40

zhao said...

okok.. i'll get that soon too.. stim camera.

FuKhate said...

wanna be pro photographer ka? lol. Dat camera is big and ure fragile body might not be able to support it xD. Dun think iPhone will be DAT expensive ler.