Friday, May 11, 2007

Exams, exams, exams..

It's in everyone's head..


Anyway, on a lighter side, there's table tennis. The game i'm so addicted to.

The rubber, Nittaku Hammond Pro Alpha, superb rubber for speed and spin with a soft touch for better control. Been doin a lot of research for a good rubber. Then there's the blade (picture on the left), Butterfly Primorac Carbon CS, fastest chinese penhold blade in the Butterfly range. Combine both of these and you get one killer bat. However, with such a sucky player like me, the bat's true potential will never shine.. haihz. But time will come when i will master the game. Just need more practices, of which i'm lacking. I give credit to wai ken, brian teh, daniel oh and many random people who helped me to improve my game.

Me holding the bat. =)

At the sports complex today, i saw a large explosion from a far, some nuclear reactor in taiwan exploded, causing this red glow in the sky..

Naaah, it's just the beautiful sunset..

God bless.

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