Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Haha..i posted this on 0501pe1 blog..

Normal night and everything, suddenly i saw 1 lame cockroach crawling into my nottingham room.. then it crawled to jieqiang's and waiken's room.. watch the drama below... worth watching..and make sure you turn on your speakers. You should really listen to the conversations.. Seetho and I were filming the drama.. you can hear our distorted voices..haha.

These are some of the insects that invaded our room..

Friggin big insect.. cicada i think..compare the insect with the green eno pack and then compare it with my hand and the 50cent coin.

Another insect jieqiang killed..

The end of the drama..

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Su-en said...

zhaooooooo....HULLo. btw my blog add is su-en13.blogspot.com.

and eyer, how come ur place got so so many insects! that is so scary.........