Friday, May 18, 2007

Business Finance is over. Now i'm having mixed feelings.. one is:

And the other feeling is:

The paper was so HARD!!!
I felt so helpless while sitting for the paper. Toughest paper i've ever taken.

To everyone having exams soon, i wish you all the best and God bless. The ones i could name are mei yii, yen tink, imu students, uk students.


meiyii said...

T_T Thankssss...

I feel that helplessness. T_T Exams not over yetttttt. Boo. :( Haven't even started. Still doing assignments. *sob*

Hahaha. Your exams are OVER! So niceeee... Nvm nvm, mine's going to end soon! 3 weeks time. VERY FAST WAN!

zhao said...

Yes!! it'll end quickly. All the very best =) Gambate and God bless. =)