Monday, May 21, 2007

Today's topic is this :

See that orange thingy.. that's salmon. raw salmon.

Imagine the taste of it in your mouth, on your tongue, the exquisite taste.. it's like:

  • drinking water when you finished a 10km jog

  • able to dunk after years of playing bball

  • sitting in the best seat in the cinema, waiting for Pirates, at World's End to start "yes, finally.."

  • finished all your homework and assignments

  • sitting on a massage chair after a long day out

  • eating Baskin Robbin's ice cream on a really hot day

  • getting a hug when you really needed one

Imagine all these feelings, on your tongue when you consume that salmon sushi. Your saliva dripping over the sushi, the wet raw feeling in your mouth.. giving you that highness to your head when the taste spreads across your tastebuds..

*sigh~* tastes good.


quicksilverlining said...

or you could have just said mental orgasm, you know. also, good salmon is not orange (that means too much of the non-natural stuff), but a nice reddish pink, like what the meat under your scab looks like.

zhao said...

errr...ok. lol