Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Things to do during hols.

  1. errrrrrr................

  2. crap.. i dunno wat to do....

  3. find job

  4. learn 2 languages, mandarin and japanese

  5. train reflexes.. (just for fun)

  6. train table tennis

  7. train basketball

  8. move to 2nd level blackbelt

  9. watch every single cool movies, like Transformers, Shrek 3, Borne Ultimatum, Ocean's Thirteen, Balls of Fury (ping pong movie..haha) and many many more..

  10. save money

  11. use money get stim IKEA chair

  12. get 22inch widescreen monitor for fun

  13. hang out with friends!!

  14. eat stim sushi

  15. go for rock climbing

  16. improve my sucks..

  17. play dota and cs (not really into it anymore though)

  18. eat more stim sushi

  19. eat stim steak

  20. sleep less.. i've been sleeping like 10-12 hours everyday.. bad for health, and wasting time.

  21. eat more and more sushi..

  22. live life to the full =)

I can't move to 2nd level blackbelt due to old leg injury T_T sad case. After so many years of training (around 11 years)... T_T

God bless =)

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