Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's been one week after my last paper.. and i still feel so stressed up..! Haihz.

I need to do something to relax myself.. Those reading this blog, can suggest anything? All useful and not lame comments will be appreciated.

And i would like to thank some ppl whom i recently chat or saw:

Yen Tink: for always looking up to me.. dunno why. But it makes me feel good bout myself. =)

Mei Yii: for her funny conversations bout poo-poo and stuffs like that. And her blog is always amusing to me.

Le Hong: for contributing part of my irritating stress. Table tennis challenge.

Jieqiang: for also contributing part of my stress. He surpassed me in table tennis in just 2 sessions. Argghh...

I need to chill................


mei yii said...

T_T you make me sound like I talk about poo-poo all the time. T_T

It was a study on child and the "death" of his poo-poo ok. Hahaha!

Must clarify what the poo-poo thing is about to your readers and not make me sound like I talk about poo-poo all the time... T_T

Hahaha. :P God bless.

zhao said...

lol.. sorry sorry.. i forgot to be more specific. =)

Sh@Un said...

He surpassed you in 2 sessions? meaning u're not that good in the first place? haha.. jk

Carolyn said...

Zhao…why are you stressed now? =( You didn’t even appear stressed DURING exams.

You shouldn’t let ping pong be a source of stress. It’s a game. It’s supposed to be fun, a stress BUSTER. I used to get upset about the fact that I’ve never won a badminton match, never been able to beat my friends in squash. Then a dear friend gave me this advice: “Don’t compare.” =) Don’t focus so much on winning, just be thankful that you have the ability and opportunity to play. But if you really want to taste victory, just play ping pong with me =P

To get rid of the stress, try prayer. Bring your worries to God, and He will give you inner peace, trust me =)

Lastly, always remember that you have many friends who care about you and are always willing to lend an ear or a hand, anytime =)

zhao said...

thanks for the advice =)