Sunday, January 25, 2009

Argghh.. Marah Gila

I'm leaving for ipoh in a few mins time.. and I made a crappy discovery.

SHIT YOU lousy lame tuuuuut mechanics who fixed my car. They took my original cd covers, my cool keychain from a friend, and.. they even took my mum's old asadi slippers O_o !!!!!

ARGHHHHHHH!!! Frustrated till can almost faint ar T_T.
I trusted them T_T asadi slippers pun nak ambik. Kalau crocs boleh faham la, tapi... asadi slippers........

And the cool nail clipper-bottle opener key chain from shaun.. all the way from Europe.. is gone...........

*I don't normally swear in blogging*
*I'm not disclosing the company who fixed my car in a public domain*
*Asadi slippers are really comfortable and cheap*
*Sorry shaun bout the keychain*


mei yii said...

Don't stress. :P
Have a good cny!

zhao said...

Stress stress stress T_T
haha. thanks. you enjoy yours too :)