Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Garden

Celebrated an old friend's birthday last week at Garden in 1u. Nice place. The setting is very.. garden-ish. haha. A lot of whites and greens.

And the lighting is perfect for indoor photography without flash.

The birthday girl :) Michelle Ng. Known her for about 10 years plus plus.

Isn't it great to celebrate birthdays with old friends. To know that we're still good friends after so many years :) Those who attended the birthday celebration were all old friends too. Aih.. suddenly... feel... so..... seasoned XD

The girl with the hat is the gf of the co-founder of Youthsays - Esther Lau
The girl with the white top celebrates her birthday in april - April Cheah
The girl next to the girl in white has a Wii - Mabel Low
The guy with the hat is the owner of the hat and is the champion of lameness - Thomas Yap

The guy in the grey jumper is an ultra awesome cool guy - Zhao
The girl next to the ultra awesome cool guy is a blackbelt in taekwando - Chui Mei
The teapot in front of the ultra awesome cool guy is a cool teapot - Cool Teapot

And.. group picture! Oh.. the birthday girl's sister is also celebrating her birthday, at the table next to us XD guess who is the sister..


WayeYoung said...

Lol!! You know april :)

mei yii said...

Wahhh... I look at your jumper I feel very hot la...

Haha! but nice colour. ;) I really like the colour of your pictures. :)

zhao said...

Yeaa :) she's an old friend of mine.

Thanksss~~ :))

And the jumper is actually, very thin. I think it's meant for runners in the morning.

mei yii said...

Are youuu sureee?